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The Sims Mobile Offers Compensation for Harvestfest Event Glitches

Following the smashing success of the Halloween Haunt event, hopes were high for The Sims Mobile’s Harvestfest event but things did not go according to plan. Right from the start, players began reporting a variety of game-breaking glitches that prevented them from moving on in the quest. As a result, most players were unable to collect the event’s grand prize; the Pumpkin Spice Lovers romance story heirloom.

As an apology for the disastrous bugs so many players experienced, The Sims Mobile will be adding the Pumpkin Spice Lovers heirloom to the Heirloom Store for players level 16 and up. All Heirloom Chests will now have a chance of giving players the Pumpkin Spice Lovers heirloom.

No word yet on when the heirloom will be hitting the Heirloom Store and the chests, but keep tabs on your game for any more news about the upcoming addition.

Were you affected by the Harvestfest glitches? Let us know what you think about this latest development here in the comments or on social media!

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  • That is the unfortunate side of having games that have to connect to servers — you never know when those servers will be down or simply overloaded. I’m sorry for Sims Mobile players, but am very thankful that S4 doesn’t require a constant Internet connection, the way that we were afraid it would!

  • I was able to FINALLY complete the quest and I recieved the new story and the pumpkin plate rack but the pumpkin plate rack I placed down on my counter has now been missing. Hope they replace that item!

  • Yes, I was negatively impacted by all the bugs, but in the end, with EA’s apology, I have both the Pumpkin Spice Heirloom and Storybook. I see it in my heirloom collection, but when I start a friendship and the option to choose a story comes up, this story is not shown. Any ideas how to “activate” the storyline?