The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Game Guide


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Explore the Outdoors!

New surprises await your Sims out in the wilderness. Explore the all-new destination of Granite Falls, where your Sims can go camping, sing songs or tell ghost stories around the campfire, and enjoy all sorts of new activities!








Granite Falls

Explore the All-new Destination of Granite Falls. Your Sims can escape from their everyday lives into the pine-filled air of Granite Falls. Lay back for a night of stargazing and let your Sims’ imaginations run wild, or join a game of horseshoes to unwind with some friendly competition. Alternatively, find out what adventure awaits within the nearby bramble patch. There are tons of things to do in Granite Falls!

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Set Up the Perfect Camp. No camping trip is complete without the proper supplies. Be sure to outfit your Sims with a tent and new hiking gear. Treat your Sims to some roasted marshmallows and share fireside stories of adventure, wonder, and fright with the gang.

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Create Exotic Potions as an Herbalist. Build your Sim’s herbalism skill to create a variety of useful potions, ranging from insect repellant to a concoction that can help soothe a tense Sim. This new skill will be useful to help Sims identify which wild plants are edible or poisonous.

Granite Falls

The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat Game Pack brings a whole new world for your Sims to explore – Granite Falls. Granite Falls is a little different from Willow Creek and Oasis Springs: it is a vacation world, designed for Sims to take a break from everyday life.

To travel to Granite Falls, click the Phone icon in the UI, navigate to the “Travel” tab and click “Vacation” or “Vacation With”. You will then be taken to the travel screen, with Granite Falls loaded by default. Granite Falls is divided into two areas: one containing rental properties, and a forest. Granite Falls, like all worlds, can be customized in Manage Worlds, so you may customize, delete or replace lots as you see fit. By default, there are five rental properties: four lodges of varying prices, and a campground. The area around the properties is vibrant with plenty of public space. There is also a community resting spot in the forest area of the world.

Beside the Campground and the Forest Neighborhood, Granite Falls also comes with a secret 3rd Neighborhood. If you’re looking for spoilers and a secret to unlock it, Click Here!


Create A Sim

Outdoor Retreat brings something new like Hairstyles, Headwear, Accessories and Clothing for every age!

Please note that all the items below classified as for Males and Females apply to Young Adults, Adults and Elders.

Female – Hair (5)

 01-13-15_6-46 PM 01-13-15_6-46 PM-2 01-13-15_6-46 PM-3 01-13-15_6-46 PM-4 01-13-15_6-46 PM-5

Female – Head Accessories (2)

01-13-15_6-46 PM-6 01-13-15_6-47 PM

Female – Tops (5)

01-13-15_6-48 PM 01-13-15_6-48 PM-2 01-13-15_6-48 PM-3 01-13-15_6-48 PM-4 01-13-15_6-48 PM-5

Female – Bottoms (5)

01-13-15_6-48 PM-6 01-13-15_6-48 PM-7 01-13-15_6-48 PM-8 01-13-15_6-48 PM-9 01-13-15_6-48 PM-10

Female – Outfits (3)

01-13-15_6-52 PM-2 01-13-15_6-52 PM-3 01-13-15_6-52 PM-4

Female – Acessories (1)

01-13-15_6-49 PM

Female – Shoes (10)

01-13-15_6-49 PM-2 01-13-15_6-49 PM-3 01-13-15_6-49 PM-4 01-13-15_6-49 PM-5 01-13-15_6-49 PM-6 01-13-15_6-49 PM-7 01-13-15_6-49 PM-8 01-13-15_6-49 PM-9 01-13-15_6-50 PM 01-13-15_6-50 PM-2

Male – Hair (2)

01-13-15_6-50 PM-3 01-13-15_6-50 PM-4

Male – Accessories (2)

TS4 2015-01-13 20-45-37-08 TS4 2015-01-13 20-45-39-69

Male – Tops (6)

01-13-15_6-50 PM-5 01-13-15_6-50 PM-6 01-13-15_6-50 PM-7 01-13-15_6-50 PM-8 01-13-15_6-50 PM-9 01-13-15_6-50 PM-10

Male – Bottoms (5)

01-13-15_6-50 PM-11 01-13-15_6-51 PM 01-13-15_6-51 PM-2 01-13-15_6-51 PM-3 01-13-15_6-51 PM-4

Male – Outfits (1)

01-13-15_6-52 PM

Male – Accessories (1)

01-13-15_6-51 PM-14

Male – Shoes (9)

01-13-15_6-51 PM-5 01-13-15_6-51 PM-6 01-13-15_6-51 PM-7 01-13-15_6-51 PM-8 01-13-15_6-51 PM-9 01-13-15_6-51 PM-10 01-13-15_6-51 PM-11 01-13-15_6-51 PM-12 01-13-15_6-51 PM-13

Female Child – Hair (2)

01-13-15_6-53 PM 01-13-15_6-53 PM-2

Female Child – Hats (2)

01-13-15_6-53 PM-4 01-13-15_6-53 PM-5

Female Child – Accessories (2)

01-13-15_6-54 PM-13 01-13-15_6-55 PM

Female Child – Tops (7)

01-13-15_6-53 PM-6 01-13-15_6-53 PM-7 01-13-15_6-54 PM 01-13-15_6-54 PM-2 01-13-15_6-54 PM-3 01-13-15_6-54 PM-4 01-13-15_6-54 PM-5

Female Child – Bottoms (4)

01-13-15_6-54 PM-6 01-13-15_6-54 PM-7 01-13-15_6-54 PM-8 01-13-15_6-54 PM-9

Female – Shoes (3)

01-13-15_6-54 PM-10 01-13-15_6-54 PM-11 01-13-15_6-54 PM-12

Male Child – Hats (2)

TS4 2015-01-13 20-16-21-64 TS4 2015-01-13 20-16-23-83

Male Child – Tops (2)

TS4 2015-01-13 20-16-41-12 TS4 2015-01-13 20-16-43-72 TS4 2015-01-13 20-16-45-81 TS4 2015-01-13 20-16-48-22

Male Child – Bottoms (2)

TS4 2015-01-13 20-17-06-60 TS4 2015-01-13 20-17-09-74

Male and Female Child – Costume (1)

TS4 2015-01-13 20-16-52-48

Male Child – Shoes (3)

TS4 2015-01-13 20-17-17-55 TS4 2015-01-13 20-17-19-81 TS4 2015-01-13 20-17-21-75

New Traits & Aspiration


squeamish Squeamish – Squeamish Sims are nauseated by the sight of creepy crawlies, vomiting, violence and death. These Sims become Uncomfortable near anything dirty.

These Sims get Uncomfortable Moodlets which will usually put them in an Uncomfortable Moodlet. To get rid of them simply stop doing actions or being in surroundings that are too dirty or vile. One particular ”Nauseated” Moodlet can be ridden of quickly by choosing a nauseated Sim and selecting the ”Take Deep Breath” interaction.

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survivalist Survivalist (Reward for completing the Outdoor Enthusiast Aspiration) – Survivalists are most comfortable using camping equipment and living off the land.

01-18-15_2-27 AM

greatstoryteller Great Storyteller (Available in the Lifetime Rewards Store for 500 Satisfaction Points) – Great Storytellers are more successful at telling bigger and better stories!

grillmaster Stoves and Grills Master (Available in the Lifetime Rewards Store for 1,500 Satisfaction Points) – Stoves and Grills Masters have a chance to create Impeccable quality consumables that use stoves and grills!

veryfriendly Incredibly Friendly (Available in the Lifetime Rewards Store for 2,000 Satisfaction Points) – Incredibly Friendly Sims are immediately liked when met with a nice introduction!

New Aspiration:

aspirationretreat Outdoor Enthusiast – Outdoor Enthusiasts want to experience everything nature has to offer!

Reward Trait (for choosing this Aspiration): Collector

Collectors can find rare collectibles more often!

Reward Trait (for completing this Aspiration): Survivalist

Milestone 1 (Greenhorn)

  • Harvest 10 Unidentified Plants (50 Satisfaction Points)

Locate an Unidentified plant and click Harvest

  • Catch 5 Fish in Granite Falls (100 Satisfaction Points)

Click on a Fishing sign post in Granite Falls to go fishing.

Milestone 2 (Forest Scout)

  • Achieve Level 4 Herbalism Skill (250 Satisfaction Points)

To increase Herbalism skill, craft remedies on the grill.

  • Cook 2 Plates of Beetles over a Campfire (300 Satisfaction Points)

Click on a campfire while a Sim has certain beetles in their inventory to choose to cook them!

  • Eat 10 Plants (200 Satisfaction Points)

Locate a fruit or veggie, and select Eat.

Milestone 3 (Wilderness Explorer)

  • Craft 3 Excellent Herbal Remedies (400 Satisfaction Points)

Craft Herbal Remedies on the Grill.

  • Identify All Unidentified Plants (500 Satisfaction Points)

Locate an unidentified plant and click Identify.

  • Befriend the Hermit of Granite Falls (250 Satisfaction Points)

Locate the Hermit in Granite Falls and become friends.

Milestone 4 (Outdoor Enthusiast)

  • Achieve Level 10 Herbalism Skill (750 Satisfaction Points)

To increase Herbalism skill, craft remedies on the grill.

  • Sleep for 5 Nights in a Tent (1,000 Satisfaction Points)

Click on a Tent and select Sleep. Your Sim must sleep in the tent for a minimum of 6 hours.

  • Collect 15 Insects (1,000 Satisfaction Points)

Locate a swarm of Insects, click on the insects and select Catch.

Build Mode

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TS4 2015-01-14 01-08-56-99 TS4 2015-01-14 01-08-58-64 TS4 2015-01-14 01-09-02-89 TS4 2015-01-14 01-09-04-18 TS4 2015-01-14 01-09-05-68

Styled Rooms

TS4 2015-01-14 01-09-22-24 TS4 2015-01-14 01-09-25-05 TS4 2015-01-14 01-09-27-73 TS4 2015-01-14 01-09-30-16 TS4 2015-01-14 01-09-32-22 TS4 2015-01-14 01-09-35-15


Herbalism Skill

[custom_font font_size=”18″ line_height=”26″ font_style=”normal” text_align=”left” font_weight=”400″ text_decoration=”none” text_shadow=”no” padding=”0″ margin=”0″]How can a nature lover best take advantage of the gifts of the forest? Rare and wondrous Herbs aren’t just leafy greens, but precious ingredients! The Herbalism skill is built by Identifying Herbs after collecting them and Brewing Remedies on the Grill or Stove.

Tips & Facts:

  • Purchase the Savant Lifetime Reward Trait (4,000 Satisfaction Points) to gain Skills much faster!
  • High Gardening Skill really helps with planting and collecting plants that are required for brewing a Herbal Remedy.
  • Each Herbalism Skill level unlocks a new Herbal Remedy recipe. The Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Recipe can only be unlocked by becoming Good Friends with a Hermit and selecting a ”Learn Herbalism Recipe” Friendly interaction.
  • Granite Falls Forest is full of all sorts of Herbs for your Sim to discover and collect.

Herbal Remedies

disgustingliquidDisgusting Liquid (Any Level) – This Liquid is a result of a badly-brewed Herbal Remedy. Will cause nausea if drunk by a Sim.

Ingredients: /

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Game GuideInsect Repellent Liniment (Herbalism Level 1) – Prevents your Sim from getting bitten by an insect.

Ingredients: Basil (2), Noxious Elderberry (2)

sadnessalleviationSadness Alleviation Potion (Herbalism Level 1) – Removes all Sad Moodlets.

Ingredients: Elderberry (2), Firefly (1)

deodorizingcreamDeodorizing Cream (Herbalism Level 2) – Fills your Sim’s Hygiene Need Bar.

Ingredients: Elderberry (1), Parsley (2), Strawberry (1)

soothingskinSoothing Skin Balm (Herbalism Level 3) – Cures/reduces all Itchy Moodlets.

Ingredients: Basil (2), Chamomile (2), Locust (1)

destressingdecoctionDe-Stressing Decoction (Herbalism Level 4) – Removes all Tense Moodlets.

Ingredients: Chamomile (2), Muckleberry (2), Walking Stick (1)

tummytherapyTummy Therapy (Herbalism Level 5) – Cures Stomach Ache caused by eating inappropriate food.

 Ingredients: Huckleberry (2), Sage (2), Termite (1)

clearmindClear Mind Distillation (Herbalism Level 6) – Gives your Sim a +2 Focused Moodlet.

Ingredients: Huckleberry (2), Parsley (2), Toxic Chamomile (2)

fireleafextractFireleaf Extract (Herbalism Level 6) – Gives your Sim an Itchy, Uncomfortable Moodlet.

Ingredients: Fire Ant (1), Morel Mushroom (2), Poison Fireleaf (2)

naturalherbicideNatural Herbicide Oil (Herbalism Level 7) – Prevents plants from growing weeds.

Ingredients: Fireleaf (3), Stink Bug (1), Toxic Chamomile (2)

energizerinfusionEnergizer Infusion (Herbalism Level 8) – Gives your Sim a +2 Energized Moodlet.

Ingredients: Dragonfly (1), Muckleberry (3), Poison Fireleaf (2)

ragerelievingRage Relieving Salve (Herbalism Level 9) – Relieves your Sim from all Angry Moodlets that they may possibly have.

Ingredients: Fireleaf (2), Noxious Elderberry (3), Rainbow Firefly (1), Tomato (1)

elixirfertilityElixir of Fertility (Herbalism Level 10) – Increases your Sim’s chances of giving birth to twins and triplets.

Ingredients: Blackberry (1), Dust Spirit (1), False Morel (2), Morel Mushroom (3)

fungalinfusionFungal Infusion Fertilizer (Secret Potion Recipe) – A powerful Fertilizer that you can use on your Plants.

Ingredients: Blackberry (1), Dusk Spirit (1), False Morel (2), Morel Mushroom (3)




Katydids love to sing and rub their wings together to make their sounds. Did you know that their ears are in their front legs?
Common§4Granite Falls

Fire Ant

Watch out for these little guys. They can deliver a powerful sting and love to use it. Their mounds can reach 40 cm. high and can be as deep as 5 meters.
Common§4Granite Falls


These little blood suckers are considered the most deadly insects on the planet. Better keep your distance.
Common§4Granite Falls

Stink Bug

What’s that smell? Stink bugs use their unpleasant odor to deter predators when squashed. Better handle them with care.
Common§4Granite Falls

Jezebel Butterfly

This butterfly cannot be mistaken due to it’s bright colors and unique wing design. These colors serve as a warning to predators because it is quite toxic to eat.
Common§4Granite Falls

Luna Moth

These beautiful moths primarily fly around at night. This is how they received their name “Luna”. which means moon.
Common§4Granite Falls, Hermit's Secret Neighborhood


Busy as a bee. Bees are the hardest workers in the insect world. Fact: Plants rely on bees to reproduce.
Common§4Granite Falls


Great garden helpers. These lovely critters actually prey on other bugs and can protect crops from other insects.
Common§4Granite Falls

Blue Morpho Butterfly

These blue winged fliers are one of the largest butterflies in the world. They often rest on forest floors and hide from predators..
Common§4Granite Falls, Hermit's Secret Neighborhood


Nothing is more magical then a firefly at night. These bioluminescent critters create their own light through chemical reactions in their bodies.
Common§4Granite Falls, Hermit's Secret Neighborhood


Beware these insects. They love to chew through the finest of woods. Make sure the lid is closed at all times.
Common§4Granite Falls

Monarch Butterfly

One of the most beautiful and majestic butterflies but they start their lives as much less attractive caterpillars. They flap their wings about 300 to 700 times a minute.
Uncommon§15Granite Falls National Forest, Hermit's Secret Neighborhood


The bringers of catastrophic disasters. These insects swarm together in clouds that can cover 100 square kilometers and contain billions of locusts.
Uncommon§15Granite Falls


A very cool insect that can turn it’s head 180 degrees. The females are well known for eating their mates. Yikes!
Uncommon§15Granite Falls


Dragonflies are said to be the first flying insects some 300 million years ago. They are expert fliers and can fly up, down and hover like a helicopter.
Uncommon§15Granite Falls, Hermit's Secret Neighborhood

Jewel Beetle

Well known for their beautiful iridescent colors. These beetles are one of the world’s most collected insects.
Uncommon§15Granite Falls, Hermit's Secret Neighborhood

Walking Stick

These awkward insects move very slowly but their ability to blend into environment makes them masters of camouflage.
Uncommon§15Hermit's Secret Neighborhood

Rainbow Firefly

The more exotic firefly. These insects shine bright with a variety of colors. Turn off the lights and watch their amazing glow.
Rare§75Granite Falls National Park


A majestical insect rumored to lead travelers astray. Their blueish ghostly glow can be seen on the darkest of nights.
Rare§150Hermit's Secret Neighborhood

Dust Spirit

These fun critters love to hop and bounce around. They usually travel around in packs. More the merrier!
Rare§200Granite Falls National Park

Dragon Dragonfly

An ultra rare insect can be found in forests. They have been seen breathing fire. Better not get too close or lose an eyebrow!
Rare§600Granite Falls National Park, near the Waterfall




A daisy-like flower commonly used to make herbal remedies.
Common§2Granite Falls National Park


Toxic Chamomile

Not to be confused with its non-toxic cousin, this toxic flower causes tension when eaten.
Common§3Granite Falls National Park



This royal purple berry has a sweet taste when cooked.
Common§1Granite Falls National Park


Noxious Elderberry

This pale purple berry is poisonous when uncooked, and slightly less poisonous when cooked.
Common§2Granite Falls National Park



This plant gets its name from the dark red tint of its leaves.
Uncommon§3Granite Falls National Park


Poison Fireleaf

This infamous plant causes increased itchiness the longer you’re exposed to it.
Uncommon§3Granite Falls National Park



This tiny berry is commonly used in fruit cobbler and pancakes.
Uncommon§2Granite Falls National Park



If you’re looking to keep a clear head, this is not your muckleberry.
Uncommon§3Granite Falls National Park


Morel Mushroom

This edible fungus has a honeycomb-like appearance.
Rare§4Hermit's Secret Neighborhood


False Morel Mushroom

This slightly green mushroom can have an adverse effect on a Sim’s bladder when consumed.
Rare§4Granite Falls National Park


ImageFishRarityValueLocationFishing Skill



These huge marble eyed fish are color blind. They cannot see blue or yellow. Good eatin’ though.
Common§32Granite Falls2


Yellow Perch

Kin to Walleye. Best known for their black tiger stripes and growling when they’re hungry.
Common§44Granite Falls4


Red Crowdad

Kissing cousins to lobsters. But don’t tell them that, they want to be unique.
Uncommon§14Granite Falls4


Blue Crowdad

The mysterious blue crawdad is rumored to received its color from an industrial blueberry accident.
Rare§80Granite Falls National Forest, Hermit's Secret Neighborhood7


Mountain Lionfish

An exotic fish only found in rare mountainous regions. Beware their spines, they can do serious damage!
Rare§170Hermit's Secret Neighborhood9