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The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Tutorial: Discovering Hermit’s Secret Neighborhood

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A Hermit is located deep into the woods and your Sim will have to look closely among the woods to find a right direction towards Hermit’s Secret Neighborhood.

To start your adventure you need to be in Granite Falls first. Then, click on your Phone, select the Travel Option and go to the ”Granite Falls Forest” National Park.


Once you get there, find the spot where a mysterious Bramble Bush is located. On the picture below we marked the Bramble Bush in a white circle.


The Bramble Bush only comes with one interaction and that is ”Explore”. Select that interaction and prepare for a series of questions where only one answer per question is right!

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Although the answer you choose may vary every time you try to Explore this Bramble Bush, we do know that brave answers usually lead you one step towards the secret neighborhood.

For example, I got through the Bramble Bush by answering Step Forward > Go Through Web > Sally Forth > Travel Towards the Sim.

The answers we bolded will always be prompted and are always correct!

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In case your Sim constantly fails to get through the Bush, you can save your Sims from negative Buffs while exploring the Brambles. If your Sim has a 7+ Herbalism Skill and their inventory filled with 2 Toxic Chamomiles, 3 Fireleafs and a Stinkbug, he/she will be able to brew a Herbal Remedy called the Natural Herbicide Oil which will greatly shorten your Bramble Exploration.

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Hermit’s Secret Neighborhood is really huge with lots of Waterfalls, a big garden and a home for a male/female Hermit. Hermits are really wise and they can teach you some valuable tricks about Herbalism so building a Friendship with a Hermit is highly recommended!

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