Sims Community turns 2 years! (+ Infographic)


Sims Community is now 2 years old!

Before I begin talking about all our achievements that we’ve made in the past, I’d like to thank people who, without their support, Sims Community wouldn’t be where it is now.

Big THANKS to my staff members Leighanne, Zerbu, Nate and Danielle who devote their free time helping the site out and writing all sorts of helpful and informative posts and articles. Thank you Sims4Thoddy for helping me out with not only our Giveaways, but also providing your tech help and tips that make this site fast and secure. A thank you also goes out to people over EA who support us throughout this awesome Sims adventure.

And last, but certainly not least, my thank you goes to all of you who make this website that it is now!

Now it’s time for our Infographic, featuring a sneak peek of what’s coming in the future!


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