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Vintage Glamour Stuff: Live Stream Overview


In today’s Livestream, we had Sim Guru Graham joined by Thomas who is a tech designer for the pack. They introduced the pack to us, including CAS, Build Mode Objects and the new Butler NPC. Below is an overview of what they covered!



2 Dresses, 2 Tops, 1 Long Skirt, 2 Watches, 1 New pair of shoes, 2 Hairstyles, 2 Sets of earrings, 1 Pair of glasses (but also for males) and 2 Necklaces


2 Tops, 2 Full outfits, 2 Pairs of shoes, 1 Hairstyle and 1 Pair of glasses


Male- 1 Jacket and 1 Hairstyle

Female- 1 Dress and 1 Hairstyle





Build Mode

We have new wallpapers and gameplay objects with the vanity table and bar plus more.

Below are some pre-made rooms for the live stream featuring the new objects. We have 2 new beds, 2 chairs, 1 sofa and futon. Also, 2 side tables which have mirrors on the top, 1 coffee table and dining table. Then 2 new vanity tables plus 1 new globe bar. Along with 1 new flower plant, 1 pop art poster and the new full-length wall mirrors. For curtains, there are 4 new types and also a wall divider as seen below. For clutter, there is a new dragon piece with some makeup to decorate the house with plus 2 rugs. 2 new lamps, one in the design of a giraffe (A personal favourite) and a fireplace.



Butler NPC

The butler NPC is exclusive to the stuff pack and can be hired for 12 simoleans an hour via the phone. You can only have 1 Butler per household and they will need a bed to sleep in. The Butler can clean, repair, garden and tend to babies plus cook for you or the family. But, say you wanted to Garden or Repair things, for example, you can order the Butler to not do those things. They can also play an instrument for you, as long as there is one on the lot. Butlers do only have so much patience though and will quit if you have a too negative relationship with them. Also, they will sabotage objects to spite your bad relationship. They can also deny all visitors, welcome them in or just ignore the door. You can praise your Butler to help them feel better and work better.


Vanity Table

The new vanity table is a gameplay object that can be used to apply makeup to your sim via over 50 pre-made makeup looks. These looks are under various categories and have descriptions for the looks. But, the makeup isn’t permanent and will wash off when the sim showers,baths or goes to sleep. Kids can also play with Makeup on the vanity table with various outcomes of ok and disaster.

cas18cas19 cas16cas17

Globe Bar

The new bar contains 5 recipes that unlock as your mixology skills advance. You can make a single drink or a platter of 4 drinks. Kids can also study the globe by spinning it and having a look around it.


If you want to catch up on the Livestream head over to Twitch. So are you excited for the pack? I can’t wait to have a Butler and play with the vanity tables makeup looks.


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