Bowling Night

The Sims 4’s 10th Stuff Pack is called “Bowling Night”

Synnex, a website which revealed The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff months ago has listed The Sims 4 Bowling Night Stuff Pack which should be announced and released in the next 2 weeks.

As SimGuruDrake has confirmed that all packs will now have pre-announcement teasers, we can expect Bowling Night to be teased this monday.

For more information stay tuned on our Bowling Night Stuff news category!

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  • Because of The Sims 4 limitations I can expect I will only be able to bowl at night :(. The minute the clock says 6 am either the game will crash or you are forced into map view to click anywhere but the bowling alley.

    • I’m sure that they’ll have a “Sims 4 Bowling Mode” for Origin which disables everything which is functional and forces you to permanently remove all of your content. At least you’ll have new bowling décor to fill the remaining 10×10 unit space and bowling litter which can’t be removed from your neighborhoods without reverse engineering the entire product and re-scripting it.

  • So I guess this really is going to have a large focus on neon? FINALLY!
    Why is it so hard to just find simple neon shapes in a Sims game? The only other time I remember seeing something like that is in Roaring Heights, the last DLC for TS3. Is it really THAT difficult to just make a texture that glows?

    • Yes, because textures can’t glow. It’s a separate fx in the same colour, most often. Sims1 had some neonlights, so did two and urbz (they had a whole neon based district). Basically it’s possible to ad a texture so bright Bloom effects get triggered (again Bloom is often fx), or just have the light effect be very bright coloured and big. But honestly, when Bloom is so sharp bright texture Ightfield up, I get rid of Bloom. If I can’t in the settings I trow dome enb or reshade on it. I had illuminating sheeps and ducks in some games because they where white. Sims did pretty wel xD.

      But technicalities aside, I think not so much people use neon in houses, so the few that love it will have less, because public is smaller. It’s basic marketing to make what most costumers like the most, but also keep excitement in as long as possible (that’s why pets not released. That and because many people want it every next thing will be compared to it and look worse).

      Expect things with a small market but that was in the sims to show up eventually, but it may take time.

  • This is wonderful news! Another bulky décor pack full of trash which contains nothing which is of interest to the audience, and which will further ruin the existing packages due to improper asset management.