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The Sims 4 Base Game: Custom Content Showcase

As part of our first ever themed week here on Sims Community, I decided to take a look at some of my favourite pieces of Base Game custom content that I have in my game.

When I look for new custom content for my game I always check out NoodlesCC and PictureAmoebea as they both always have a great selection of content to choose from. Of course there are many amazing content creators out there. I also check out , PickyPikachu and abundanceofpixels to name several others. Lana CC Finds is another good resource that I use when looking for custom content and there is even a dedicated Maxis Match section.

Build Mode

Colourful Shutters by Noodlescc

All The Water Pool Colours and Wall Patterns by PictureAmoebae

Buy Mode

Toddler Patch Curtains by MayuOnline

Embrace The Storybook Chair by PictureAmoebea

12 Base Game Plants Recolour by PictureAmoebae

Create A Sim

Welcome to Oasis Springs by Saartje

I could honestly spend ages sharing my favourite pieces of base game CAS items with you all but this one by Saartje is one of my more recent ones that I have added to my game. I also have recently added NoodlesCC base game hair recolours to my game which you can find here. Make sure you check out parts one and two from the collection as well!

That’s it for this Base Game custom content showcase. Let us know what your favourite pieces of base game custom content are in the comments below or over on Twitter!

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Hey! I'm Krista. Long-time Simmer currently studying at Foxbury Institue.

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  • I was thinking of downloading custom pool colour and I thought there weren’t any. But now that I seen this post I know that there is.