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The Sims 4 Console: Base Game Livestream Facts


SimGuruDuke and SimGuruDrake held a livestream where they got their hands on The Sims 4 Console (Base Game). Here’s what we learned from the livestream:

  • The Sims Team wanted the console game to make completely identical with the PC version.
  • There is no Gallery available but you do have a Library.
  • You have two options: to use the virtual cursor and to use the analog stick to switch between options.
  • All the free updates and content made for The Sims 4 PC in the last 3 years are available in the console version.
  • The user interface is enlarged in some aspects.
  • There’s a loading bar in loading screens.
  • The graphic settings are automatically set to the highest possible options.
  • X and Y throughout the game are modifier keys.
  • Speed is tied to the left and right bumpers on the controller.
  • If you enable cheats you won’t be able to earn achievements on the save game where you enabled cheats – even if you disable cheats later.
  • Custom Content won’t work on the console version.
  • All maxis-created content including pre-made households and lots can be found in the Library.
  • The game is offline. You only need internet to download the game + keep your game updated.
  • All future game updates for the PC version will be available for Console as well.
  • There are some special game options just for the console version:
    • Trail Animation
    • Controls Overlay Reminder
  • There’s a re-imagined “Tab Mode” called “Free Cam” where you can freely move around your camera without the user interface getting in your way.
  • Build Mode’s user interface is more nested, meaning that you have to go through a bit more clicks than you normally would on PC in order to uncover and find an object or a tool that you wanted.
  • You can plug-in the keyboard on your PS4 / Xbox One and use it for areas that require writing.
  • With PS4 Pro and Xbox One X you’ll get better results with loading screens.
  • Some cheats are now moved and work only when you have the testingcheats true cheat enabled.

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