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The Sims 4: Screenshots on Mac have gone Upside Down

Mac players are reporting a strange issue after the latest update for The Sims 4 which should fix blurry screenshots. Apparently, each new screenshot taken after the update will make it go upside down:

SimGuruNick has confirmed that this indeed is an issue and that will hopefully be fixed in the upcoming update:

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  • I give these people three tips
    1. turn your screen upside down
    2. go sit upside down in front of your computer
    3. emigrate to Australia

  • I’m glad they think it *should* be fixed within the next update. What’s a better way to let mac players know they’re a second thought? In addition, the blue community overlay stays stuck on my screen when i close it, rendering the game unplayable until I restart. Essentially I now cannot load anything I made in the past through create-a-sim. Maybe another thing to add to the *should be fixed* list?

    I enjoy the fact that I need to disable my internet connection in order to play the Sims 4 thanks to Orgin, in order to not download the latest updates. I especially enjoy this when said updates like this come around and mess up key features of the game.