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The Sims 4 Get Famous: SimGurus Talk about Becoming Famous

The latest blog post about The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack mentioned “Each Sim who lives in Del Sol Valley has a Public Image, which is a combination of Reputation and Celebrity Level” which got many wondering (including myself) if becoming famous is a feature locked only for Del Sol Valley, the new world coming with this pack.

Both SimGuruKate and SimGuruGrant have explained this quote saying that Sims will definitely be able to become famous outside of this world and that they’ve only said this as an example that Del Sol Valley will be having plenty of pre-made Sims who are already famous.

SimGuruGraham also went on Twitter to explain some of the many ways of becoming famous and used examples such as performing comedy routines, singing, DJing, selling art and more as some of the ways to become famous in this pack.

He also revealed the fact that many skills (but not all) will help our Sims become famous – even with skill that we got through packs such as Archaeology in The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack!

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  • i thought this was obvious? kate has already stated that you can become famous as lot of professions, such as painting, so i don’t know why it wasn’t obvious since any sim can become famous since any sim can do something like painting or photography.
    i really think the community looks into things too hard, without remember what was already stated a day ago.

  • Do you also listen? I have made several attempts on the gardening crap and no one gets back to me. I really wonder about what you find important now. Stroking wannabes egos, putting out half baked content, not answering questions and concerns or what the people who pay for this game wish, want, ask for?

    • actually, grant replies a lot to people and listens to a lot of us. he replies constantly.

      i’m not sure your issue, but it might need to either be reported to simgurunick or simgurualvin, if it’s a bug.
      if not, i’d suggest to find help on the sims forums.

    • Are you even asking a guru or are you just attacking them about the content because if you’re not asking a legit question about something you want help with I wouldn’t blame them if they ignore it in favor of someone looking for actual help. Also make sure you’re actually using an official means of contact like twitter or the sims forums if it’s not mod related and be clear what your issue is since you didn’t say it here. Also just because a content isn’t what you may want it makes no sense to think no one in this community didn’t want it and clearly despite how “half baked” the content is you still play the game so it’s clearly not as bad as that.

  • that’s great! I want my sim keep his detective career I was afraid fame will be only related to careers but these are great news!

  • I would love to have a pack of pop stars and bands, be able to record discs with pre-established songs, make the cover of the CD and give concerts, make video clips and receive prizes. And models!