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The Sims Blog: The Sims X It Gets Better Project Is Here has just published a brand new blog post, talking about their new collaboration with the It Gets Better Project and what we can expect from The Sims 4’s upcoming update. Check it out!

Hey, Simmers! We’re delighted to announce a very special The Sims™ 4 Pride Month collaboration with It Gets Better Project.* Starting June 18, 2019 on PC, your Sims can celebrate with:

  • Pride clothing, including a branded It Gets Better t-shirt
  • Rainbow Pride flag, plus additional Pride flags
  • Additional options for building with gender-neutral bathroom doors

You can also grab in-game Pride clothing in The Sims Mobile and a rainbow flag t-shirt for teens and adults in The Sims Freeplay!

Plus, if you’re in New York City, we’re sponsoring Pride on the Horizon by It Gets Better Project on June 28, 2019! Click here for details.

We hope you and your Sims enjoy celebrating Pride Month!

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    • The game is for everyone not only for gays who feel neglected, why present being gay anyway, are you wearing a shirt saying hetero, so stupid people don’t know a person’s name but their sexuality????
      It is a waste it should be just optional!

      • @ Brian it is rather optional. The content is there for anyone to use or not use. It’s rather simple. Just like your sims could be straight, bisexual, asexual, etc in the game based on your input. Actually there are shirts that are heterosexual in nature that you can broadcast your preference. This is a game so I don’t understand why you and some others are so highly offended and appear a bit (or very) homophobic. It maybe a waste to you but not to others especially those of the lgbt community, their allies and those who wish to have some diversity in their game.

        • Also if these items offend you that much then just go make cc alternatives for your game. The heterosexual shirts I’m referring to are available in the real world and have more of a reality impact than the digital rainbow ones you’re concerned about.

  • This should have been a free downloadable pack like the grim guitar and holiday pack. I understand you dont have to use the items but it feels forced to players who dont believe in those ideals, it would be like putting religious items in the base game when not everyone believes in a religion or a certain religion. It is what it is it wont affect game play so its not a super big deal but they need to realize their are alot of players with different ideals.

      • This pack does spread love and acceptance, but your perception of religion is very ignorant. All religions have the common goal of spreading love. The problem is, many radicals, “traditionalists”, homophobes, racists, etc. use religion as the face and the reason of their discrimination and hate.

      • Did you just assume my gender, i mean this as a joke but in all seriousness im a guy. I agree with bbbbb the religions that typical hate are radicals and it makes you look very ignorant. I saw my church help out hundreds of people especially when hurricane harvey struck here in Texas, we dont care what race, gender, or sexual prefrence you are. Also I want to point something out that few people understand you can not support something/someone but not hate something/someone.

  • I downloaded the game today. How do I get the patch? When I downloaded it…it didn’t come with the “it gets better project” items and traits.

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