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The Sims: Play With Life Official Video

The Sims Team has released their Play With Life Promotional Trailer where Simmers share their own stories and experiences, as well as how the game influenced their life. Check it out!

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    • What an assy thing to say. None of these people have used the game as a shield. Doing so would have stopped them developing and learning about life outside of their own little bubbles. You, however, are stuck in yours.

      • They’ve stated that they’ve done exactly that. They needed to escape reality, or project themselves into the simulation, because they couldn’t cope with their disabilities, or social inadequacies. They’re clearly actors who don’t know anything about the product, and they’re not learning about anything other than how to waste time and pretend that they’re members of a non-existent community.

        You know absolutely nothing about human intellect, so you don’t need to reply to any of my comments.

  • I definitely wouldn’t say there’re no boundaries.. I also think the sims is a great game and although I don’t play anymore (because after a short gameplay it get’s boring until the new pack comes out, too much money, too many bugs and you really need a strong computer and you download more than play, (the game wouldn’t be so successful without the modders and the sexual freedom especially gay, anyway)) I still can’t leave it, but the clip is too fake and not authentic they should be honest and not exaggerate, the game definitely has its boundaries and negative sides and is certainly improvable. But it makes you addicted.
    I actually never played myself or VIPs

    • Your experience of life and the game is different to these folks. Everyone’s experience is different. Think about that before you go saying something is not authentic.

      • “These folks” aren’t representative of the real community, which is why their statements are insulting to those who actually understand humanity, and know that an entertainment product should never be associated with development of emotional defense mechanisms, or transformation into a functional member of society. That would be psychological malpractice, and legally punishable under federal jurisdiction.

        Think about that before you lie, and make an ass of yourself in front of the community.

  • My complaint with this commercial is that *all* of the people in it are very young. For a company that embraces diversity, they sure are excluding a *large* portion of their fan base. (And yes, I’ve met a person who plays who is in their 80’s. I myself started with the Original Sims and was already an adult when that came out 19 years ago. I know a lot of middle-aged Simmers.) So, with the very obvious exclusion of older Simmers, we see the market they are reaching out to. They want those younger players, which is fine, but it makes me think that this diversity marketing is more of a gimmick than something heartfelt. That is sad. I’m all for new players and was *very* pleased when a young relative of mine started playing TS4, but I don’t want the outreach to younger players to be at the exclusion to the older players! This is ageism, and makes this ad hypocritical.