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The Sims 4 Discover University: Roommates Guide

The Sims 4 Discover University sees the long-awaited return of roommates! Now there are two variations of roommates. The first is those who are automatically assigned to live alongside your Sim in university housing. This could be on campus or on a specified university housing lot. Of course with the game automatically assigning roommates, you could be in for a few surprises!

The second way of gaining roommates is actually by placing an advertisement. This actually allows your  Sim to get to know potential new roommates before asking them to move in. You also don’t have to be attending university to use this feature.

Placing an Advertisement

Placing an advertisement for a roommate is easy. Simply head over to a computer/laptop and under the Household menu, you will find the option to create an advertisement. Alternatively, you can use your Sims’ cell phone and again under the Household tab, you will find the option to place an advertisement.

Once you place the advertisement, you will receive a notification telling you that your advertisement has been placed for a new roommate.

If, once you have placed your advertisement you decide that you no longer want to look for a roommate, simply repeat the process again to cancel the advertisement.

After You Place The Advertisement

Once you have placed your advertisement you will need to make sure that you have space to accommodate a new roommate. Whether this is their own room or a bed and some simple furniture in an existing bedroom.

It can take a few Sim days for applications to arrive. You will be able to tell which Sims are coming to meet your Sim as they will have Potential Roommate above their name.

Once the applicants arrive, you can get to know them and interact with them just like you would with any normal Sim.

When you have decided on the Sim you want to become your new roommate, simply click on them and navigate to the Roommate menu. You can then use the Accept as new Roommate option.  As soon as you select a Sim to be your Roommate your advert will be closed and taken down. The chosen Sim will also move straight in.

Living With Your New Roommate

Your new roommate is now a part of your everyday life. The fact you have handpicked this Sim will hopefully mean they will help out around the home with cooking and cleaning. Just watch out as you may end up with a disruptive Sim who will throw surprise parties and not help around the home.

Roommates will also help contribute towards the household funds via rent. The amount of rent varies depending on how many Sims you have as roommates.

You will find that Roommates won’t move out on their own and only if you kick them out if you need to. Once they have left you can place an advertisement again to help find a new roommate.

Additional Information

  • Roommates are not restricted just to the world of Britechester. Regardless of where your Sim lives or if they live in a standard home, apartment or penthouse you can have roommates.
  • The number of roommates depends on the number of beds. This is the same for both university housing and for normal gameplay.
  • University roommates are automatically generated. They will also claim their beds too.
  • You may notice that roommates will leave you little notes from time to time as well. You will be able to either compliment or complain to the roommate who left the note too!

What are you looking forward to the most when playing with roommates? Let us know in the comments below.

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    • When you interact with friends click on them once, then click More Choices… and then click on the Roommates category, and there should be an option to “ask to be new roommate”

      • My ” Place advertisement for roommate” button won’t light up. I made up a nice bedroom and still nothing. Plez help!

        • if you have a pet u need to place an extra bed per pet, the game counts a pet as an adult (its weird) so for example if you have 1 sim and a cat, there must be 3 beds on the lot for you to be able to get a roommate, i assume once you have the roommate you can delete extra bed

  • I do not have the option to place an advertisement for a roommate, it doesn’t show up on the computer or the phone. How can I fix that?

        • Yes. A pet will throw off the count, as well. For example if you have one Sim and one pet, in order to have a roommate you need to have an adult bed for you, and adult bed for your roommate, and an extra adult bed because it’s counting your pet as a household member. I believe it works the same way with toddlers and children because it counts adult beds per household member. I just hide random extra beds in the roof.

  • Oooo I’ve been wanting to build a boarding house or like trailer park themed lot but I didn’t want to get a mod for roommates. This will be fun

  • 3 semesters in a 10 person dorm and all the roomates are obese from eating all those randomly brought meals.. I’m so tired of all the stinky plates and piles of trash. I hired a maid so my sim wouldn’t be so stressed and constantly cleaning and I have to routinely modify the others down to a slimmer size..

  • Just to add I’ve been playing and roommates do move out on there on if you don’t provide enough space for them. My sim was living in an small apartment with his partner and got a roommate and there were on 2 chairs at table and a small couch and I got a notification that he can’t live here if I can’t make enough room for his needs and a day went past and he moved out a said sorry I gotta move out I can’t stand to live here. So just so you know roommates can move out on there own

    • Yeah I just had a Sim move out saying “I have needs and they are not being met in this place. I can barely take care of myself. Could you make sure there are enough things in this place to take care of myself? If not… I’m going to have to start looking for another place.” When I literally have a huge house with literally everything… Then few days later they said “this place has poor living conditions, I’m moving out.” He probably got upset cause I have Erwin fries from strangerville as a roommate and the guy just won’t stop making cakes!!!!!!

      • “Won’t stop making cakes” haha my sim had a roommate that constantly walked around eating expired food. It was pretty gross.

      • The roommates will say that line when their needs are in a critical condition. Just make the sim happy and it won’t be a problem. Make sure you have a single bed (I suppose it has to be one of the university pack ones) and assign it to them.
        I just had one complaint in 2 sim-weeks and nobody left. :)

  • A few corrections:

    The roomate ad will not go away on i tr s own after selecting a roomate if you have more than one unassigned bed in the house – it goes away when you take it down or whenever all unassigned beds are potentially filled (i had made a row of 3×2 rooms with a bed and a door each and the ad only ended when each got filled)

    Your roommate will move out on your own if they don’t have their needs met. My toilet broke and I didn’t notice because I was cheating and my roommate up and left saying he had needs.

  • Roommates aren’t showing up for me in university dorms, I’ve played in both campuses and the dorms meet all the requirements. I tried placing an ad for roommates in university but the option wasn’t there. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?

  • Hi!
    How do you move out from your current dorm to another dorm in Sims 4 discover university?
    Sorry if this is out of topic but please do answer if you have time.

    • You have the choice/option to move when you sign up for a new term. Also, beware, my sim accidentally got pregnant during her 2nd term and when she reached her third trimester, she was kicked out because “there wasnt enough room for her and her baby”.

  • Is anyone else having their roommates just… move out and not say anything? When I hover over them in the friends section, it doesn’t say they are roommates anymore, but their beds are still assigned to them and everything. They didn’t tell me they were leaving. They just paid rent once and then kinda just went away.

  • Anyone know how to generate more roommates in university housing? I go in to my manage worlds and delete crazy looking NPCs my game spawned, and apparently they were roommates in the dorm I chose. So when they got deleted, no new sims showed up. I have played 2 semesters in this dorm and no one has shown up. I only have 3 roommates, and it feels pretty empty.

  • Do roommates spawn on University housing if no active household is assigned to that lot? Does anyone know if NPC students ever graduate or do they stay students forever?

  • ok so i premade roommates for my sisters in my game. they’re all in a group using get together and friends since hs. but every time i ask them to be my roommate they say “sorry i already have a house” or “sorry i have people in my household who depend on me” but i already made all their rooms and i REALLY wanted this group of friends to be roommates in college. how do i cheat or get around them saying no to me??

    • The roommates do move out on their own! 1. If their needs aren’t being met and 2. After a while a notification pops up saying “It looks like my time here is at an end. With age comes new adventures. I’ll be moving out by the end of the day.” But you can convince them to stay!

    • What I did to cheat them into accepting to be roommates is that I did “testingcheats true” then right clicked and made the people I wanted part of my household, then used the same technique to remove them from the household. And then I made my sim ask them again and this time they said yes because technically adding them and removing them makes them “homeless” hope this helped!

    • If they say no because they have a home, maybe evict them from their homes in manage worlds? That way they’re technically homeless. Also I’m guessing they won’t move in with you if they are the sole adult in a household with minors.

  • I’m kinda annoyed right now bc yesterday I spent a couple hours creating roommates and putting them in my sims dorm and everything was fine and then just now as I’m playing all the roommates were switched out worth townies. Does anyone know why this happened?

    • I have that same issue! I’m so annoyed I spent all this time making my sims absolutely beautiful only to return to the monsters we call NPCs I need answers!

  • My sims roommates keep moving out saying their needs haven’t been met.. Anyone else experiencing this? I have everything the roommates need and no appliances are broken. I can’t figure out what the problem is. :(

      • I have the same thing happening. I have no unlocked doors. I do have a kitchen (with everything), a livingroom with a tv, stereo and sofas, a bedroom set aside to the roommate (with bed and desk+chair) and a bathroom (toilet, shower, sink and bathtub)

        What is going on here

  • I can’t seem to be able to place an ad for roommates unless I have 6 basic university form beds in a room.
    I set up my apartment so I have 4 rooms for room mates and 2 for the brother and sister that own the apartment but i had to redesign the whole thing so that all the beds were in one room……why?

  • I’m playing the Elderberry household and bought a bed and placed in a spare room, since their bill is too high for them to afford I figured a roommate was a good way to go. I placed an ad, and after a few days I got a notification that said the ad was taken down, but no potential roomates had come to visit. I then bought a new bed and placed another ad but I’ve played probably a couple of in game weeks now, and nothing’s happened. This is the first time I’m playing Sims 4 DU and the roommate thing is yet to work… Anyone got any suggestions for what to do?

  • i found that pregnant roommates will move out when they have the baby. i also just had a roommate move out claiming the living conditions were terrible although i’m not sure why. they had a bed and functioning bathroom/kitchen.

  • I had a household of two friends in a dorm together and when the semester ended wanted to move them to a new dorm. I moved both of them separately when each of their terms ended but now only one is showing up there and I can’t find the other one in the gallery. I tried a friendly interaction to invite him to be my roommate but it wasn’t an option. Any solutions?

  • Has anybody had an issue where the roommates just disappear/move-out? Happened twice to me already with two rounds of different sims. If I check my relationships the sims still exist but just completely leave the house. I don’t get a notification or anything, just no longer living in the house and I can place an ad for roommates (won’t allow if all beds claimed).

  • I want a roommate so bad. I did as described above. I furnished a room with a bed and desk next to my Sims room, but no one is showing up :(
    I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong here.

  • I love the content. Have to say that it’s the most interesting update.

    (Besides the other things that other users have posted) the thing that I can’t figure out is that after the first two semesters for one of my played sims, all of the university housing is apparently empty. I’m in one of the four unit houses, and the three of the four dorms are completely. University seems unrealistically empty – it should be crowded.

  • Can you send 2 household sims to uni at the same time and have them live in the dorms? Or do they have to go to residential housing?

    • Yes. It’s inconvenient how it works, because you can’t do it at the same time. The first sim will choose major, courses, which dorm, and how to pay … and then move out. When the game loads, you’ll be in the dorm with this first sim.

      Go up to manage households, return home to the second sim and repeat. Careful, don’t be a doofus and accidentally select the wrong dorm (like I did two terms ago), because you won’t be able to fix it until the following term.

      I’m playing four sims – two married couples. I’m doing a better job of managing their time than I ever did as a real life university student.

      When the end of term comes, make sure you re-enroll immediately. That way, you won’t have to do the cumbersome one-at-a-time move in from home.

  • My Roommate Keeps Saying Im Not Meeting Their Needs…But My Whole House Has Everything To Meet His Needs..What Am I Doing Wrong?

  • I’ve got a huge mansion and my sim lives alone (for now) so I decided to get some roommates and out of four, only one complains. He said, “I have needs and they are not being met in this place. I can barely take care of myself. Could you make sure there are enough things in this place that I can take care of myself? If not….. I’m going to have to start looking for another place.” I have FOUR bathrooms, three ovens, tons of things to do (swimming, basketball, instruments, karaoke, etc) and even a butler! Is he mad because he has to share a room with another male? I cheated and “made happy” so he “Feels better about this situation. I feel like I’m able to handle my life now. Thanks for providing!”

    As I’m typing this, he left (another) note by his bed that says: “You know what I love? Getting up and walking out of my room and stepping into a puddle of who knows what left by who knows who that’s been sitting there for who knows how long. Oh gosh, I just love it so, so much.”

    I didn’t see any puddle? Maybe he took and shower and left it there by himself? This is one picky Sim! Maybe I should kick him out?

    • Change his parameters using ‘testingcheats on’ then ‘cas.fulleditmode’ then ‘Modify in CAS’ Look for WHINY traits, then replace them. Make him a HAPPY boy… LOL

  • I’m currently living with 5 roommates but I want to move houses. Will they come with me? Or do i have to look for new roommates at the new house?

  • My sim failed university. What exactly am I doing wrong??!!
    He did his homework.
    He did his term paper.
    He studied.
    Did I not study enough???

  • So, I’ve made 3 uni students (for now), all living in dorms in britechester, but I really want to play with them separately! Like I want each one to be played as a different household, or 2 together and 1 by himself or something like that, and not all 3 together as roommates (even though the 3rd on lives in a single-bed room). Is that possible? Please help, thanks!

  • Hi! I don’t know if this is supposed to happen, and I can’t seem to find any resolution or explanation to this, but all my dorm mates just move out and new ones replace them. Is this supposed to happen? I worked hard on them so that’s why I was a bit confused. Thank you in advance!

  • Help!! I have a sim with her cat in a house with three bedrooms and have one roommates so now two out of the three rooms are full but it won’t allow me to get anymore to fill the other bedroom. What do I do?

  • No roommates ever show up for me, I tried in several different games and even canceled the advertisement and put it up again. I literally waited until my sims almost aged up so I am waiting long enough. :(

    • Roommates are not part of your household, they’re unplayable npcs. If there are sims in your household, you did something to make that happen. Did you right-click and add them to your household?