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Today I’ll be doing a very special livestream for The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack!

We’ll be counting down the final hours and minutes until the release of the pack on PC / Consoles for both Europe and North America! And yes, that means that the livestream will last for more than 10 hours!

During the stream I’ll also be doing a fundraiser for Color of Change, which you can find more about HERE!

The livestream begins at 12AM PT / 9PM CET / 8PM BT on Twitch! You can join the chat and conversation by watching the stream directly from Twitch or by just watching it down below. Can’t wait to see you there! 💖

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  • I love that you do countdown parties but it is rather disappointing that they are only going to be on Twitch in the future. Twitch does not work properly on my devices and so I guess I will have to miss out. Maybe you could do what some other Gamechangers do and post your Twitch streams to Youtube after a day or so?

  • It’s beautiful but I have to say I am very disappointed by the low amount of land available and also… They are so freaking small!! Forget building a mansion in this city. It is sad when you have a family with 5 child’s. Hopefully, they will put bigger lot next time, please :)

  • I got my sim4 eco lifestyle expansion pack . But im not sure how to play the game yet.but im gonna do my best to learn it,i got all the sims game from begging ,sims2,3,4 n medieval n all.