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8 Things You Might Have Missed in The Sims 4 Star Wars Pack Reveal!

In case you missed it, The Sims 4 has announced the next game pack making its way to the series and, suffice it to say, we didn’t see this one coming. The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu promises to be a wild space adventure completely immersed in the theme of the hugely popular Star Wars franchise.

There’s no question that Star Wars fans are going to find lots to love in the reveal trailer, but having next to no knowledge of Star Wars, myself, I wanted to take a deeper look into the trailer to see what this new game pack might be able to offer to Simmers who might not be familiar with the plot, setting, and characters from the Star Wars films.

So without any further delay, let’s dive deeper into the reveal trailer for The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu!

A New World

Okay, okay, so the new world of Batuu was pretty hard to miss. Most of the trailer shows scenes of Sims in the world of Batuu, after all, but after examining the landscape and scenery found within the world, it looks like we’ll be getting a new desert-themed world. Currently, The Sims 4 only has two desert worlds; Oasis Springs and StrangerVille and we don’t yet have any desert worlds as vacation destinations. Offering a third option for more arid climates will surely appeal to plenty of Simmers whether or not they’re Star Wars fanatics.

New Occult Sims???

Okay, so we’re not totally certain there will be new occult types coming in Journey to Batuu, but there is no mistaking the number of Sims in the trailer who look well… not human. Are they new types of “supernatural” Sims or are these simply some fun new costumes? Only time will tell, but this Star Wars newb is dearly hoping for some new occult gameplay.

New Face Details?!

Who loves new tattoos? WE DO! In the trailer, a Sim can be seen with some kind of marking on his cheek, just under his eye. If this is indeed a tattoo and not face paint, this would be the first add-on pack for The Sims 4 to add facial tattoos to the game.

Robot Companions

Many Sims in the trailer can be seen with little robots resembling the beloved Star Wars character, R2D2, trailing behind them. Simmers who own Discover University might compare them to the Utili-Bots our Sims can build, but R2D2 is no housemaid! Perhaps these new robots on Batuu will act more like companions than a free cleaning and repair service?

A Story Mode?

The Sims 4: StrangerVille was the first game pack for The Sims 4 to have a linear story for your Sims to play through. In the reveal trailer for Journey to Batuu, we can see R2D2 electrocuting a storm trooper to help his Sim companion access some kind of forbidden area on Batuu. It certainly seems like it would fit the theme of Star Wars to have our Sims embark on quests and adventures while in the world of Batuu.

New Drinks

At the bar on Batuu, we can see some new and interesting beverages being served up and enjoyed among the patrons. Some of them have interesting effects like smoke rising up from the glass.

New Collectibles

Throughout the trailer, we spotted several small objects that look like they could be part of a new collection. Avid collectors in the game might find Journey of Batuu worth their while to go hunting for new treasures and trinkets to display around their Sims’ homes.

Cars! Er… Flying Cars???

Simmers have been begging The Sims Team for cars since the game’s initial release back in 2014 and while we still don’t have cars, we might be getting vehicles of the flying variety? This spacecraft (which I’m told is called the Millennium Falcon; thank you, Star Wars fandom) was featured prominently in the reveal trailer and it looks like the Sim in the trailer has accepted some kind of mission to gain possession of this craft. Will it play a part in a larger storyline? Will our Sims actually be able to drive it? Stay tuned to find out!

Did you spot anything else in the trailer that got you excited? Tell us all about it here in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu comes to PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 8th, 2020.

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    • Me too. I was annoyed at first, but seeing the trailer I think it looks pretty neat. I still wish they didn’t bring real franchises into a fantasy game, but it is what it is and I am surely going to buy this pack.

    • finally someone who appreciates it like i do! i love the pack as well and can’t wait for it to come out so i can buy it!

    • Love that! It sucks that instead of disappointment that it is not a pack from them (those that are not interested) they are actually enraged! That is crazy. I mean I am not a big fan of SW but people have to admit this looks cool!

  • 1. They definitely a new costume. Impossible they added new occult to this pack
    2. Those starship definitely work like rockets. You enter the starship, it flew and then it poof! Gone to nowhere

  • If it has gameplay that is replay able (which was a common complaint about strangerville) that would be a plus for the pack otherwise that’s a huge miss. Wonder if this will be light on lot numbers as well.

  • 1st of all ever this article showed me nothing interesting- 3rd world as vacation spot? uh I rarely visits vacation spots, Selvadorada is my fav for looting, forest for family vacations and we already have beaches to visit, 2nd thing I saw nothing new in the trailer that we already don’t have in game, robot? erm…. they are in game, many! flying cars? no thx! I still wanna garage with usable car, classic usable car! new drinks? wow! I don’t find them nicely made, we already have better looking foods and drinks, many of them! I’m not hating here, I’m disappointed this year is terrible when it comes to content, it’s either boring or remakes. Last pack I felt like I paid full price and it was worth it was Seasons, after that…. nothing great came to the game. ah, ladders were great! we only needs bunk beds, cars, farming pack and medieval, at least for me. Some supernaturals people begs for could came too and more lot types like hotels, double houses lot type to enjoy at least 1 opened neighbourhood and I’m happy

  • Wow great stupid star wars. Like seriously why do people even like this junk? Give us farming or cars or something that relates to actually real life. I mean it is a life sim game and were missing major aspects in the game of real life. Fucking star wars? Whats happening to the sims!

  • honestly considering how human the hands look with some of the ‘alien’ races from this pack I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s costumes instead of them being occult sims but you never know and I hope some of the horns are in face details as that would work better.

  • I am unhappy that this is a vacation world. Those are useless for me. The gameplay ends up being stale and then I stop visiting. At least if you can live there that is a plus meaning we get a new live able world. I wish I could live in Selvadorada or Granite Falls without mods. Just seems like laziness to not give players the flexibility to play how they want.

  • They would have had to work with Disney to get Star Wars so this means they can possibly do more work in the future with Disney and make other crossovers? There’s so many what ifs. Also I really want new occult sims. Petition to bring back the faeries!!!

  • I am definitely not ‘pissed’ about the pack, however, I do have concerns. I’ve never seen a Star Wars movie, honestly (don’t shoot me) but can appreciate its popularity. I will say that I do not like the destination world thing. I rarely visit the ones we already have. Although, this world looks pretty great. I am a builder though and prefer worlds with lots I can build on. I guess we will just have to wait and see what this pack brings and hope it is cool enough for all simmers.

  • So one thing that no one has pointed out is that the location is literally Galaxy’s edge, the new star wars land in Disney world/land, and features a ton of Easter eggs.

    The character with the horns near his mouth for instance, seen in the picture discussing possible face tattoos is directly from the millennium falcon ride. The bar that contains the new drinks is Olga’s cantina, and if you watch the video carefully, when they first show the bar you can even see DJ R-3X who started his life as the captain in Disney’s star tours ride decades ago.

    This pack is as much for Disney theme park nerds as at is for star wars fans.

  • I really love star wars, so this is like a combination of my two favorite things.
    However, I also recognize that this is not what anyone asked for ever and that rather than attempt to fix their shoddy game, EA is just throwing new elements in. Rather than fixing the lack of gameplay, they add new things no one asked for. I am both excited and incredibly frustrated.