Star Wars: Journey to Batuu

The Sims 4 Star Wars Pack: CAS Video Rundown

Over the last couple of days I got a chance to get my hands on The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu Game Pack. In the first video you can spot all the new CAS additions, clothing, hairstyles, unlockables and…alien masks? Find out what the pack has to offer in the video above!

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  • I was a little disappointed to hear it here first. Your constant nagging about it being specific to Star Wars made it really hard to feel excited about the CAS possibilities

  • I think this content is cute; for the new Batuu world. I probably won’t touch any of the hats and masks, it’s just too much out of the sims universe. Sorry for babla-ing. I’m still interested by the adventure side of it!

  • Yeah I feel there was to much complaining in the video about it being starwars. Im not a fan of the theme, but I wasn’t a fan of eco lifestyle ethier. I felt ecolifestyle massively lacked in almost everything. They still need to rework things. I think despite what this is it could still be fun. I will say the clothing styles and hairstyles arnt that great. I’ve seen basically all the starwars movies except the last and sure those are starwars themed clothes but they picked super lack luster looking clothes from the series. The clothes are basically commoner clothes. We need more jedi, resistance, etc attire. Also maybe should have watched a starwars episode or movie before you reviewed this just saying.

  • I appreciate that you chose to show everything as a simmer, I didn’t see any of the star wars movies either and I don’t want to. And I’m sure there are more like us, from our ignorance this can be great to imagine things beyond star wars.