Star Wars: Journey to Batuu

The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu Full Build Objects Overview (Video)

We’ve checked out all of the objects that come in Build Mode with The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu Game Pack! Included in the overview are also objects from the BuyDebug category. Check it out!

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  • I am not excited for this pack one bit , how’s that responding to sims fans and asking what they want, star wars! thats the best you can come up with when people have asked you for other stuff such as babies, cars ect., what a joke, we pay for your games and you don’t even consider any of our ideas whats the point. I am sorry but I’m just being honest

    • Sorry but how do you know EVERYONE doesn’t want this pack? EA worked hard on TS4 and just for everyone to complain about everything is very annoying.

        • Uhm when did I every say that? If you actually read my comment I said they works on TS4. Not every pack with it. Also your really lashing out at other opinions. Smh why do you even support the sims? Just go over to Paralives and be in that community when it releases.

          • 1. learn to spell. 2. i’m not lashing out at other opinions, i just think that what you’re saying is quite silly, and others have every right to point it out. 3. who are you to tell me to go away to another community? i’ve been a sim player since sims 1, have bought every pack since then (except for this star wars one), i think i have earned my space to voice my opinion. have a nice day!

          • First, now if English isn’t your first language means I need to learn to spell? Second your opinion is bratty. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean they didn’t work on it. Also just because your a player since the Sims 1 doesn’t mean you need to support the game. You truly are entitled and goodbye.

          • Why stick up for TS4 and EA, you know they’re a corporation right? The people who work there need feedback if they want to continue to strengthen their customer support and gain new customers as well. While I love The Sims Guru’s and still very much like and support TS4 in general, sometimes they miss the mark. I’m sure all the negative feedback is consumers telling them they are unhappy, they see the positive feedback as well but they need to know when people are willing to buy or not buy a specific pack. Some feel alienated by adding the Star Wars franchise into The Sims (no pun intended) because people want original Sims content not a whole other franchises story and aesthetic. So maybe instead of personally insulting people who don’t agree with your opinion you could just leave a positive comment of your own :)

      • You know what? Do not buy it. If you do not want to play the game, again, DO NOT BUY IT. You are acting like a spoiled child who did not get what they wanted. EA gams did not create Sims 2, 3, or 4 just for your pleasure. Stop pouting and stop having a tantrum!!!

  • I’m looking forward to this pack. It was unexpected, but it’s looking great so far (and I’m not a fan of Star Wars at all).

  • I think the developers did a very good job making this EP. But its content doesn’t appeal to me at all, so I’ll skip this one.

  • @jake. I’m sorry but I can’t quite comprehend your first question, I will assume that english isn’t your first language. you’re not very good at sentence construction. as for the rest of your comment, you’re not quite comprehending what i typed in my previous comments. please re-read them calmly, or translate them through googletranslate to your native language instead of accusing others of being “bratty.” have a nice week!

  • Nice, pack for Sims + Harvest Moon not even ready and someone already suggest for Sims + Giant Hotel maybe just matter of time before someone begin to ask for Sims + Theme Hospital/2 Point Hospital.

  • I have to say that though I probably will not buy this one (mainly due to the fact that I am strapped for cash) but I can see some of the build objects, like lights, furniture, etc. being used in a steampunk build. I’m not good at games where you have to play specific gameplay, like in Strangerville, but some people are. Not everything has to be for everyone.