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The Sims Blog: How We’re Addressing Skin Tone Improvements in The Sims 4

The leaked blog post from EA Answers Spain has now been confirmed by The Sims Team with their official post on The post talks about adding new Skin Tones, Skin Tone and Makeup Sliders and more! Check it out:

The Sims team will be releasing a base game update around existing skin tones on October 6 for Mac/PC and November 10 for console. As we work on expanding skin tone variety, in this first step, we’ll be improving the blotchy artifacts and ashy appearance of darker skin tones on mid and high spec machines*. (Not sure whether this applies to your computer? See the note below!) As mentioned in our initial video, we recognize there is a need to improve the representation of hairstyles in our base game as well, so in October, we will start by updating two of the base game hairstyles.

Bigger changers are coming! In December, we’ll be rolling out at least a hundred new skin tone swatches in cool, neutral, and warm tones with a particular emphasis on darker skin tones. Beyond the new additions, we are introducing a slider on all swatches, both new and existing, that will allow you to modify each selected tone to be lighter or darker. We’ve heard your feedback on makeup as well. To truly complement the expanded library of skin tones launching in December, we’ll also be adding new sliders for makeup in Create-A-Sim mode. The updated customization options will offer an entirely new level of control of your Sim’s appearance so they can look as flawless as possible. Plus, the December update will include another two improved base game hairstyles.

Keep an eye out for more information from our team in late October or early November as we start to implement these changes. We’ll also be sharing more details about how we’re collaborating with external partners, including talented and diverse community members, to make sure we get this right. As always, we thank you for sticking with us as we continue to grow. We’re looking forward to sharing all of this with you in the coming months!

Thank you!

*Please note that the October PC update will, at this point, be visible only to those running the game with the “Uncompressed Sim Textures” graphics settings turned ON. This will not be the default setting on all machines, so follow these steps to check your settings and see the graphic updates. To turn ON “Uncompressed Sim Texture” in the game, go to Options > Game Options > Graphics Tab > Graphics Sections > check “Uncompressed Sim Textures.” If your machine has lower graphics settings and you attempt to run with uncompressed graphics, you may experience a crash; to recover, please re-enable graphic compression. Based on the current specs that default “Uncompressed Sim Textures” to ON, we recommend a graphics card rated medium, high, or ultra and at least 2 GB video RAM.

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  • Typical that they’d wait six years and release Journey to Boredom, just so I’d completely abandoned hope for this game, to then turn around with a really cool skin tone slider thingy just to drag our (now) broke asses back into playing. I’m so happy for the people who still play though, many of them can finally have more than like five ashy skin tones to represent themselves

  • if only Height Sliders were a thing too, besides using Mods that at times get messy when the game doesn’t load or when updates are made.

    • Height sliders would be a bit more difficult because they would have to redo a lot of animations so there’s no clipping or weird random height changes when completing an action. It’s overlooked when mods do it but that won’t be the case if it comes into the game officially. Animation is already expensive for the game so a redoing isn’t something that will be given top priority.

      • maybe not an slider but three presets (short, ”normal”, tall) would be useful. maybe not for sims 4 since it’s going to be ending soon, but for sims 5 it’s really needed.

        • Yeah I would like that but agree that it’s unlikely for TS4. Granted they could surprise us when the game wraps up and has leftover resources but alas it’s doubtful given this is EA. As much as we would like it and the gurus being capable of doing it EA likely won’t give them the resources to do it properly.

    • No ur no,cuz i think The Sims 5 will be more bad then The Sims 4 :/ so i hope The Sims 4 is the Last Sims and thay just upgrade tham so much.

        • Doubtful open world will be coming to TS4 especially at this stage and likely it has to do with the engine as it’s similar to the limitations that TS2 had regarding worlds compared to TS3. They could try to make it appear more open with larger worlds, like in get together, and doing condos as a new type of apartments like in the university dorms so it feels more lively since they don’t seem interested in revamping the apartment system.

        • As for lower prices just look for the sales. Some are really good with 50 or even 75 percent off. Occasionally stores like target had them half off during the original releases in stores. The prices won’t go down permanently until TS5 is around for a bit similar to the lower price for TS3 because of TS4 being around.

    • Nooooooo! I’d hate a sims 5. I’m happy with the sims 4 as long as they give us essentials. Everyone’s being so cynical saying don’t play and stuff. Can’t you just be happy with ts4? sorry if I sound mean but I’ve said my point.

  • Let’s hope this slider thing won’t break all the CC hair/skintones & makeup in my game …
    A large amount of players (and I’m definitely one of them) have been so disappointed by EA lately that is kinda hard to get excited about new stuff… that’s pretty sad !

  • Not to be ungrateful but a hair slider is much needed too, there arent much good blonde colors besides the very light one. Im tired of the banana blonde and having no dirty blonde

  • everything in the sims 4 needs to be fixed or gone like GalLeRy pOSes these get very overrated and bad like in a single day with gallery pOsEs they get more followers and 20-70 downloads my most downloaded item was 16-17 downloads well my username in the gallery is bubbynoodles09. and i only have 3 followers WOW WTF The Gallery sucks and heres more Crazy bugs since june 3rd update

  • Hope Sims 5 will have navmap check tool. Like when turn on in debug or something and click in area, all area connect will be green and area be cut off will turn red. That will make easy to check why sims stuck.

  • Has anyone been having issues with building, moving onto the larger lot 64*64??? Playing on console.. anything I try and do on the larger lot just shuts my game off

  • I think the game needs to make the pregnancy a little more fun, like have a clinic for women who are pregnant and can schedule appointments for each trimester, and make them have cravings or mood swings, pregnancy classes, and I wish their was birthing options beside just going to the hospital or buying a crib for home birth

  • I love that the sims team are listening and making changes for a better game experience :) because the sims 4 is all I play at the moment after losing one of my hands to having a brain hemorrhage I can’t play my xbox anymore:( so please is easier for me plus I upgraded got a new laptop with more memory and a high quality graphics card for better gameplay.

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