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The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: 11 of Our Favourite Features from the Reveal!

In case you missed it, the reveal trailer for The Sims 4 Snowy Escape dropped today and it is jam-packed with so many new exciting features, we hardly knew where to start with this article! Luckily, we’ve managed to condense all of our favourite features into this handy list for you to get a summary of the reveal trailer.

A New World

Snowy Escape comes with a brand new, full-sized world called Mt. Komorebi. The world features a picturesque blend between slow and fast-paced Japanese life, making it the perfect destination for both thrill seekers and those looking for rest and relaxation. The best part? The Sims Team has confirmed that Mt. Komorebi will have both residential and rental lots, making it both a residential and vacation world!

Winter Activities

Winter sporting activities have been a highly requested feature for The Sims 4 for a very long time and Snowy Escape is going to deliver on that request in a big way. In the trailer, Sims can be seen snowboarding, skiing, tobogganing, and mountain climbing. Many of these activities are not just for adults, either! Children can be seen enjoying some of these activities with their parents, making these activities perfect for families.

Japanese Culture

Throughout the trailer, we see glimpses of many popular Japanese themes. From tatami mats and floor seating to shabu shabu (hot pots), bowing, kimonos, making wishes, and paying respects to ancestors, it’s clear that a lot of effort went into making Mt. Komorebi a respectful and authentic representation of Japan and its vibrant culture.


We’re not exactly sure what kind of role it will play in the game, but a train was featured very prominently in the trailer, so we’re hopeful that it will be of use to our Sims in some capacity.

Rock Climbing

If skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing are a little too chilly for your Sims, perhaps rock climbing will be more up their alley. Graduate from the mechanical rock climbing wall from Fitness Stuff and start climbing real mountains in the wilderness of Mt. Komorebi! It’s sure to be an adventure your Sims won’t soon forget.

Tents & Camping

Tents and camping initially came with The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat, but it looks like tents and campfires will be making a return to the series in Snowy Escape. We can see some Sims camping out for the night on their way to the summit of Mt. Komorebi in the trailer, much the same way professional mountain climbers establish base camps on their way to the summit of very large, hazardous mountains.

Hot Springs & Bath Houses

Bathing and bath houses are a very important aspect of Japanese culture, so it was refreshing to see an onsen bath house in the trailer. Hot springs are a great way to relax and unwind after a long day of exciting mountain activities and it looks like our Sims will be able to enjoy a soothing trip to a bath house while in Mt. Komorebi.

Creepy Crawlies

Possibly one of the only features this author isn’t so keen on is the reappearance of creepy crawlies. In the trailer, we see a Sim getting a very unpleasant surprise when they discover a huge centipede crawling up their arm. Yuck! However, it only makes sense that the wilderness of the mountains would have its own set of hazards to deal with and plenty of Simmers will no doubt appreciate the touch of danger.

A More Immersive Simstagram?

Sims have had access to the fictional photo-sharing platform, Simstagram, for quite a long time and its played different roles across various packs, but the trailer seems to hint at a much more immersive version of this social media platform than what we’ve had previously. We can see snapshots of all the fun activities a Sim has experienced on her travels in Mt. Komorebi, complete with her profile picture and screen name, but this could just be a bit of movie magic for the trailer. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Magical Elements?

We’re not quite sure what this little creature is, but it sure is adorable! It can be seen creating a whirlwind of flower petals to the delight of the Sims around it. This might hint that Mt. Komorebi has some magical secrets to share with us when we get our hands on this pack.

Japanese Cuisine

City Living offered a taste of Japanese cuisine with its Japanese food vendor stall, but it looks like Snowy Escape will be expanding that menu considerably. With a variety of sushi featured on the table in the trailer and shabu shabu (or a hot pot as we tend to call it in English) as the centerpiece to such a fine meal, Sims with the Foodie trait will find plenty to delight their carefully cultivated palates.

Vending Machines

Many players might not know this, but Island Living came with exactly one vending machine that dispensed a variety of island treats and supplies; however, that vending machine was located out of the way in the uneditable common space, which really limited its uses in the game. The vending machines shown in the Snowy Escape trailer look like they’ll not only dispense a wider variety of goods, but also be a more versatile addition to the game for players.

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Missed the reveal trailer? No problem. You can watch it right here!

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