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Maxis talks about Generations, Cars and Upcoming Content for The Sims 4

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During The Sims Team’s latest Inside Maxis Livestream SimGuruAzure and SimGuruBat got to talk a little bit more about the future of The Sims 4 and what The Sims Team is planning.

In their Sims 411 segment both developers answered a “When will you add…?” Frequently Asked Question. The two developers acknowledged highly suggested features and packs such as Generations type of Pack and Cars and that currently it’s among their top priority to release these features. They’ve also reassured fans that The Sims 4 will definitely STILL have many more years of new content!

You can check out the full transcript of their answer from the official livestream that I’ve written down below.

SimGuruAzure: We’ve seen a lot of questions from you guys about specific pack themes and features such as Generations Packs and Cars and here’s what we want you to know. We love your ideas, first of all, and I personally really enjoy having those things in my game too. What we can say is that these suggested packs and highly, highly requested features are always at the top of our mind. Especially when we think about what we want to do next. As soon as these things become more real we’ll update you right here at Inside Maxis. What do we need to make it more real?

Just to give you a little bit of a behind-the-scenes look at what we do; to bring new content to the game it involves many, many processes. We have to take important steps that are a part of the game development process and often that takes a lot of time. This time is needed to ensure that we meet your expectations and that we’re delivering the best quality to you guys. Sometimes there’s also foundational technology that we need to work on and sometimes we have to dig into the designs very deeply that make these things happen.

SimGuruBat: We’ve read a lot of your feedback and our goal is for you to be as excited about packs and features as we are. We put a lot of heart into what we do and we try to make as many people as happy as we can but we also know it’s kind of impossible to meet everyone’s expectations. The great thing is as our game continues to grow and we look forward to delivering more stuff as the game goes on…for many, many more years to come.

SimGuruAzure: Many more years to come!

Maxis talks about Generations, Cars and Upcoming Content for The Sims 4

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