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Dedicating the 8th anniversary of Sims Community


On May 21st our website turned 8 years!

That’s right, it’s been 8 years since Sims Community has been up and running to deliver the latest news, articles, information and more about The Sims Franchise!

Throughout these 8 years I’ve managed to learn a lot of things about running a website, met a lot of awesome friends and even perfected my English language. Yes, this is a passion project of mine that started right after I started high school, throughout which I learned many cool things about social media management, graphic design and even journalism. Who would’ve thought that so many cool things can be learned by simply running a Sims website?

I usually celebrate an occassion like this with fun giveaways and surprises here on this website and on social media but this year I didn’t have a lot of time to plan things out. In fact, you might’ve even noticed a slight decline in number of articles and videos created.

Previously I’ve always used this space to thank all of my friends, team members and great colleagues who’ve helped out with the site and given some amazing opportunities these last few years. However, this year I want to first thank and honor my late mother Snežana who passed away from COVID-19 on April 6th, 2021.

I know, this really might not be a typical Sims post or an article you’re used to on this space. Still, I want to use this space and thank my biggest supporter who actually got me into this franchise after gifting The Sims Life Stories – which was my ever Sims game!

She never really judged my hobbies or interests in The Sims and fully supported me in creating and running this website. She was impressed and amazed to see what it grew into and never doubted my ways of running it – even allowing me to spend some overtime on computer to finish Get Together Early Access coverage – even when I had 3 high school tests early that morning.

There’s a lot of lovely things I want to say about my mom so much that the website wouldn’t support this post’s word count. However, I know that she wouldn’t want me to drag this out too much.

Thank you so much for always being my biggest supporter.

Dedicating the 8th anniversary of Sims Community


I’ll still be creating articles and posting news about The Sims Franchise. However, it still might take some time for me to get back into livestreaming and video content. Don’t worry though, when I come back it will be more fun than ever for me to explore new Sims content and play the game with you guys. Still, I just need a little more time to do it on camera.

Until then I’ll be excitedly waiting for the upcoming Summer of The Sims and create article content for this website!

Thank you to Krista and SnarkyWitch who tremendously helped out with website coverage these last few weeks. And to my online friends and colleagues thank you for all the messages and support. ❤️

This year there won’t be a special giveaway or celebration, but expect a huge one in the next year!

Thank you for all the support throughout these last 8 years – let’s hope for at least 8 more now that there’s plenty of more years of content planned for The Sims!


– Jovan 💖

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