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Poll: Who is The Best Sims 4 Game Pack Townie?

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We’ve all debated the topic for years but now we will finally get a definitive answer! It’s time to decide who is the best The Sims 4 townie from the game packs! Will long time favourite vampire hunk Caleb Vatore be the King of Darkness or will Vlad creep up from behind for a sneak attack? Maybe a completely unexpected underdog like George Cahill will surprise everyone and snatch the win. The only way to find out is to cast your vote!

Think carefully because you are limited to 4 votes for 4 Sims! One vote per pack represented; however, you can vote for multiple Sims from the same pack if you like. Voting will be open all week. Stay tuned for more polls until we have a winner from each Sims 4 poll. Those winners will face off against each other in the ultimate showdown!

Since The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff is the only stuff pack to ship with premade Sims, we’ve included it in this poll even though we are aware that it is not a game pack.

Remember to click the text and not the image when casting your vote!

This poll has ended (since 2 years).

Who is the best The Sims 4 Game Pack Townie?

26.95% 3,349 Votes
Caleb Vatore
13.00% 1,616 Votes
Morgyn Ember
9.98% 1,240 Votes
Count Vladislaus Straud IV
6.87% 854 Votes
Erwin Pries
5.89% 732 Votes
Claude René Duplantier Guidry
5.14% 639 Votes
Lilith Vatore
4.66% 579 Votes
Alice Martin
4.55% 566 Votes
Jess Sigworth
4.43% 550 Votes
Grace Anansi
3.85% 479 Votes
George Cahill
1.93% 240 Votes
Mark Eggleston
1.89% 235 Votes
L. Faba
1.79% 222 Votes
Leslie Holland
1.74% 216 Votes
1.34% 166 Votes
Dylan Sigworth
1.07% 133 Votes
Ted Roswell
0.88% 109 Votes
Meredith Roswell
0.60% 75 Votes
Tomax Collette
0.60% 74 Votes
Emilia Ernest
0.56% 69 Votes
Simeon Silversweater
0.56% 69 Votes
Darrel Charm
0.55% 68 Votes
Gemma Charm
0.45% 56 Votes
Christie Sigworth
0.38% 47 Votes
Minerva Charm
0.36% 45 Votes


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