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Bretman Rock becomes the face of The Sims 4…Literally!

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The Sims Team has announced today their brand new marketing campaign in partnership with Bretman Rock – who’s known for his creative videos, beauty tips and so much more.

This campaign titled “Find Yourselves” is focused on many of Bretman Rock’s personalities portrayed through the characters in The Sims 4.

Throughout this campaign the team didn’t just release new promotional videos and screens to help you “Find Yourself” – they’ve changed the cover of The Sims 4 on online stores such as Steam and Microsoft. Yup – Bretman Rock is now on the cover of The Sims 4 – literally!

Check out the new covers down below:

Steam Page

Screenshot 2021 12 01 at 19.01.41

Microsoft Page

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We assume that these covers are up there for a limited time, and the original covers are still up on Origin and Playstation Store.

Check out the official announcement of the Find Yourself Campaign, as well as new Promotional Videos!

The Sims™ has long empowered players to discover and express the different versions of themselves, giving them the freedom to experiment with theSims they create, the stories they tell, and the worlds they build.

The Simsand Bretman Rock, a barrier-breaking creative-entrepreneur that’s unapologetically himself no matter how many versions exist, are teaming up to encourage players to find their-many-selves.

In the new “Find Yourselves” campaign, inspired by classic coming-of-age sitcoms, players meet the multiple sides of Bretman Rock – a Teenage Goth, Sassy Dad, Motherly Chef, Excited Astronaut and Urban Cowboy – living together like one big, weird, could-only-happen-in-The-Sims family.

“Being Da Baddest didn’t always come naturally!” shares Bretman Rock. “Like most people growing up, I needed creative outlets to discover all the different sides of myself that I am now, and I know I’m not done yet. The Sims has always been a place for anyone to explore who they are, which is why I’m partnering with The Sims ‘Find Yourselves’ campaign, which encourages everyone to discover all the many sides of themselves and embrace them with open arms. In The Sims I can be an astronaut one day, a chef the next, dress how I want and kiss who I want – and always feel loved and accepted for it. The Sims empowered me to discover my selves on my own terms, and now I want to hear how it’s done the same for others!”


Maybe you have dreams of being a Preppy Warlock, or you want to pursue a passion in sports as an Emo Jock; The Sims is your open-world fitting room to try on all of the different versions of you.

The Sims continues to build a platform for players to create and explore without boundaries,” said Julia Victor, Senior Director, Head of Brand, for The Sims. “Bretman Rock is an advocate for all to embrace being true to themselves, and together, we hope to encourage players to celebrate that coming-of-age chaos that creates defining moments and new opportunities, inspiring them to discover the many different sides of themselves – both in The Sims and in real life.”

To hear cheeky messages from Bretman’s many selves, fans can call (877)-FND-YOU5*.

Players can share their many selves on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok through the hashtag #SimsSelves. To learn more about the “Find Yourselves” campaign, follow @TheSims on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, like The Sims on Facebook, and visit

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