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We Built Advent Calendars for All Season Lengths in The Sims 4!


Sometimes, inspiration comes from strange places but when it strikes, you just have to go for it no matter how silly it sounds. That was how this concept came into being for me today. I was scratching my head, feeling very uncreative and looking around my living room for inspiration. My eyes settled on my almost-finished advent calendar leaning against the wall on my entertainment unit. Seeing the calendar made me remember a Christmas movie I watched recently called The Holiday Calendar, about a vintage advent calendar that can predict the future.

A light bulb went off in my head. What if I built an advent calendar in The Sims 4? In fact, what if I built three advent calendars; one each for 7, 14, and 28 day seasons? It was a weird idea, sure, but weird is kind of what The Sims is all about, right?

We Built Advent Calendars for All Season Lengths in The Sims 4!

The result? Behold! Possibly the silliest thing I have ever built in The Sims 4 but also one of the most unique. Three separate advent calendar builds for three different season lengths, each one with a little toy or trinket behind every door. The advent calendars are technically functional; by that, I mean the toys and trinkets can be dragged out of their cubbies in either Live or Build mode to be admired or played with. The overall structure, however, is just for looks. Sims cannot enter the giant advent calendars. This was deliberate to keep all the toys safe from being grabbed before it was time to take them out.

We Built Advent Calendars for All Season Lengths in The Sims 4!

I originally wanted to upload these as rooms so you could plop them down on any lot but the 28-day calendar is actually two rooms on two separate stories so I could not upload it as a single upload. In the end, I decided to place them all on a small 20×15 lot and upload the lot to keep all the calendars intact. You can place the lot down and delete the two calendars you don’t need; keep the one that matches your season length. If you’d like to put this very extravagant Christmas decoration in your backyard, save them as rooms to your library and place them on your home lot.

We Built Advent Calendars for All Season Lengths in The Sims 4!

If you choose to put an advent calendar on a lot owned by your Sims, they’ll be able to take and keep the toys for each day of the winter season. If you place the calendar on an unowned lot that your Sims are just visiting, your Sims will be able to play with the toys but won’t be able to take them home and keep them as the game does not recognize the objects as being owned by your Sims.

We Built Advent Calendars for All Season Lengths in The Sims 4!

However you choose to enjoy these ridiculously oversized advent calendars, we hope you and your Sims will get as much entertainment out of them as I got out of building them.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and stay safe out there, Simmers!

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