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The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories Livestream Summary


The Sims Team showed off the new My Wedding Stories game pack in a livestream today that covered some gameplay aspects, the new world, and a very brief glimpse at CAS and Build/Buy.

As usual, we were there to compile all the info for you! Check out everything we found out during the livestream below!

New World

  • The new world is called Tartosa and is inspired by various coastal Mediterranean locations

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  • Tartosa is a residential world but Sims can choose to vacation there through the use of rental lots
  • The world is large for a game pack world with 2 neighbourhoods and 9 lots. All lots are fully editable and were built by GameChangers.
  • There are 2 starter homes, 2 NPC households, a vacation rental, a lounge, one wedding venue and 2 empty lots.
  • The Gallery will have five additional wedding venue lots available to place down in Tartosa or wherever else you like.
  • Both neighbourhoods have lots of picturesque locations for romantic moments between your Sims and for pictures.
  • Many landmarks and features of Tartosa have lore attached to them, such as the Lover’s Tree and the bioluminescent algae that glows in the water in certain locations at night.
  • The beaches in Tartosa are swimmable locations for our Sims. They will receive special buffs for swimming in Tartosa.
  • The two NPC households that live in Tartosa have an existing relationship and lore between each other.
  • The two Sims from the reveal trailer, Cam and Dom, live in Tartosa. Cam is a painter and will tell your Sims where all the best scenic locations in Tartosa are if you befriend her. Dom is the town historian and the person to go to if you’re interested in learning more about Tartosa’s lore.
  • New sand interactions on the beaches in Tartosa. Kids can play in the sand and older Sims can draw in the sand. Two Sims can draw hearts together in the sand for a romantic moment between them.
  • There are food vendors in Tartosa that sell different cultural foods. More foods will be there depending on what packs you own.
  • There are many beautiful visual effects in Tartosa, like fireflies near the waterfall bridge at night and frogs jumping around in the water.



  • There are six new social events that your Sims can throw related to weddings. Engagement Dinners, Rehearsal Dinners, Bach Parties, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Receptions, and Family Gatherings. The Family Gathering event is meant to encapsulate any culture’s traditional ways of celebrating before a wedding. Most of these new social events were not shown in the livestream; only the Wedding Ceremony and Reception were shown.
  • There is also a Vow Renewal event but this will only be available to Sims who are already married.
  • Wedding events can be created via the computer, phone, or calendar. Scheduling a wedding event via the computer or phone starts the event immediately but these events can be planned in advance using the calendar.
  • When you plan a wedding, you can select your Sim of Honour, an Officiant, a Flower Pal, and a Ring Bearer for your wedding party. These roles can be chosen through the wedding planning menu but Sims can also ask their friends and family to be in their wedding through gameplay. Family and friends of the engaged couple may also approach your Sims and ask them if they can be in the wedding party.
  • The kinds of traditions and activities at your wedding are fully customizable. You will be able to select the activities that will take place at your wedding, such as cake cutting, first kiss, etc. Wedding traditions that don’t suit your Sims’ lifestyle or culture don’t need to be a part of the wedding. It’s up to you.
  • When selecting the style of your wedding, you can see a preview of the cake you’ve chosen and select the attire of your guests as well as the attire of your engaged couple. The cake can only be chosen through gameplay but having the preview in the Style tab of the wedding planning menu can help you match attire to the cake’s colour theme. Attire can be chosen in the menu but Sims can also pick their wedding attire at the interactable shell boutique located in Tartosa.
  • Sims can get married in all the same locations they previously could as well as at any of the new wedding venues coming with this pack. The location can also be selected in advance when going through the event planning screen.
  • There is a flower stand in Tartosa where Sims can purchase flowers. They can also pick out their wedding bouquet here. Wedding bouquets can be taken out of the Sim inventory and displayed as a keepsake.
  • The Sim who runs the flower stand does not live in the world but he is a special NPC your Sims can get to know and get information from.
  • The patisserie stand in Tartosa is where your Sims can taste wedding cake samples and choose the type of cake they want to have at their wedding. There are 9 different cake shapes but many more styles and colours within those 9 shapes of cake.
  • There are a few special cakes for occults, such as plasma cake for vampires.
  • Wedding cakes can also be purchased through the computer or your Sims can make their own wedding cake through the Gourmet Cooking skill.
  • Wedding toppers for your wedding cake can also be selected. There are SO many new cake toppers that there are filters to find them easier in the selection menu. Cake toppers can have inscriptions added to them and can be kept as keepsakes after the wedding.
  • If all this wedding planning is too much for your Sims, they can elope at City Hall.
  • During the Wedding Ceremony, an Activity List will show up in the left top corner listing all the activities you selected previously. Hovering over them will give you a tooltip with information about how to complete them.
  • When the wedding starts, you can tell guests to take their seats and send specific Sims down the aisle in the order you’d like them to walk down the aisle.
  • Wedding guests will react to the vows being exchanged.
  • There are new animations to make the vows extra emotional. There are also different kiss outcomes; sometimes Sims will go in for a kiss and end up bonking their heads.
  • Sending Sims up the aisle vs down the aisle will send Sims in different directions so make sure you know which way your wedding aisle is facing. The wedding aisle has a heart symbol in Build/Buy to indicate which side of the aisle is the starting point.
  • Group interactions help control the flow of the wedding so you can make sure your wedding guests are doing important activities together instead of just wandering about doing their own thing.
  • Married couples will now cut the cake together in a proper ceremony. The cake cutting also has different outcomes.
  • There are new dance styles including group dancing and slow dancing. Adults can dance with kids while holding their hands. There are also different interactions you can do within the dance. Depending on the Sims’ relationship with each other, some of these actions might get rejected.
  • There are two new tea sets that are functional! One in an English style and one in a Chinese style. Each one has 3 swatches. There are lots of tea options. Sims can steep, pour, and serve the tea. If you have tea during a wedding event, there are some special ceremonial aspects to it like bowing/kneeling but tea can also be served casually outside of a formal setting.
  • New collection! Sims can collect messages in a bottle! Sometimes mounds pop up in the sand and your Sims can dig them up o find a message in a bottle. There are 20 different ones with fun messages inside and the bottles can all be displayed.



  • Lots of new formal dresses from different cultures, all with white, red, and other swatches.
  • New swatches added to base game dresses coming with the patch.
  • We can add boutonnieres to wedding outfits! They’re under necklaces.
  • Child girls have more colours for one of the free holiday DLC dresses. There’s also a child suit with new colours.
  • Kids have a lot of the same new hairs as adults.
  • We did not see any proper wedding veils in CAS as in, veils that can be added to any hair as hats. We only know of the one veil pictured on the box art which is attached to the hairstyle.



  • There are two buffet tables with the same foods that the Tartosa food vendors serve. There is also a drink fountain that can be laced on top of either buffet table.
  • Wedding chairs have floral and non-floral options.
  • New bar and bar back with shelving space.
  • New piano.
  • Three different lengths of wedding aisles. Aisles have a square outline that goes invisible in live mode with a heart symbol to signify where the start of the aisle is. There are decorations that you can add to dress up the aisle.
  • New stained glass windows, Mediterranean windows, doors, and arches. Open windows without glass.
  • New dance floor.
  • New styled rooms.
  • New lounge chairs that are portable.
  • 6 person round table.
  • 5 new wedding arches and some new swatches on base game arches are being added as well. The new base game arch swatches will come free in the patch.
  • Pergolas and wedding tents that can be placed close together to create larger and more elaborate tent/cover setups.
  • There’s a new base game wedding venue being added to the Gallery.

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