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The Sims 4 has a New Lag Issue


The Pronouns Update seems to be draining a lot of CPU Power

On May 24th The Sims 4 did a surprise release of the Customizable Pronouns Update. The Update integrates a feature within Create A Sim where you can now edit Pronouns for each Sim you make, allowing customization of pronouns. From he, she, they to your own.

This update has rolled out for everyone, although the Pronouns Feature is currently only available for English speaking users.

Nonetheless, the Pronouns Feature itself isn’t the problem. It’s the latest version of The Sims 4, which seems to have had a significant impact on the game’s performance.

Considering that Maxis had to rewrite a lot of code, something’s went unnoticed behind the game’s code. Players have started reporting massive Lag Spikes for The Sims 4 all across our platforms. There’s also a hot discussion happening at EA AHQ, with 41 people who already reported the problem in just over a day.

The Sims 4 has a New Lag Issue

What’s happening after the latest Update? Players have described the following:

  • My game never froze like this before but after this pronouns update my game freezes every couple seconds and stays frozen for almost 30 seconds at a time, and if I try to click anything on my screen a message pops up saying that sims 4 isn’t responding. I don’t have any mods or cc, I have tried repairing game and clearing cache, none worked. – nasgodlyy
  • After latest update the game started to have long loading time in every few seconds. (My friend has the same issue after update.) I’ve tried to update my computer, check viruses etc. and restart the game and the computer, but it did not help. – asrhana
  • My game loaded just fine, but as soon as I entered game play, every time I click on my screen, it says Not Responding and I get the circle of death for about 30 seconds. Yesterday, before the update… I had zero problems. – abeeric
  • CPU Usage keeps fluctuating but highest it goes is 76.2% – annibutterfly8

Did you have lags before this update ? If so, where ? Hardly any lagging before, now it lags when I try to click things on the main page for resuming/starting new game, in the game mode, etc. Will freeze for 10 seconds or so, play for 10-30 seconds, then freeze again, etc. 

Where does the game lag now ? Everywhere or specific areas ? Everywhere

Do you play a fresh or an existing save game Existing game

Are you using mods/cc and if so, have you tested without them ?  No, never used

For Sims 4, CPU ranges from 50-60%, GPU mostly stays at 0, but I noticed it spiked every once in a while for 2 seconds to some random number (7, 15, etc.) and then immediately returns back to 0

– Azalea125

The update has just recently been rolled out, so it will be hard to pin point right away what could be the root cause of this. However, folks at EA HQ including EA Experts and Players are working together to find a solution and probable cause of this.

Considering that the issue is still fresh we might not get a reply right away from The Sims Team about the issue and its potential workaround. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more!

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