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New Mother Russia Set Thursday, November 21st!


The secret is out! Our set releasing on Thursday, November 21, 2013 is absolutely stunning. With the stunning architecture and cold weather appropriate outfits, we took it upon ourselves to see what it would look like with some snow!!

Here’s a peak!

The colors look so bold and beautiful without snow!


Here’s some outfits to rock!

Thumbnail_688x336_ADD9 Thumbnail_688x336_ADD8 Thumbnail_688x336_ADD12 Thumbnail_688x336_ADD10 Thumbnail_688x336_ADD11

Now, check out this baby under blankets of show!


And for some close ups.

Thumbnail_688x336_ADD1 Thumbnail_688x336_ADD2 Thumbnail_688x336_ADD3

And now, for my favorite thing about winter! The clothes of course!

Thumbnail_688x336_ADD5 Thumbnail_688x336_ADD6 Thumbnail_688x336_ADD7

Perfect timing. With the holidays and winter coming up, what better way to get ready than a stunning yet cozy Russian set to add to my store collection?

What do you guys think?? Can’t wait for the sharing of screenshots to begin tomorrow!


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