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The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to modify Relationship Points

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There are 2 relationship types in The Sims 4: Friendship Relationship and Romance Relationship.

Each Relationship type functions with points that your Sims either receive or lose by communicating (or not) with each other.

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You can add and remove these Relationship Points with cheats as well if you hate waiting.

To do so, open up your cheat console by pressing CTRL + Shift + C keyboard buttons. In the Cheat Console, you’ll need to write up a cheat that includes both names and last names of your two Sims:

modifyrelationship Princess Ess Sean Sullivan 80 romance_main


Dark Blue – Cheat’s base

Green – First and last name of your Sim #1

Blue – First and last name of your Sim #2

Red – Relationship points

Orange – type of relationship; friendship_main for a friendly relationship and romance_main for a romantic relationship

TS4 2014-09-18 17-31-37-82 TS4 2014-09-18 17-31-43-78

This cheat also functions for Sims that are not on your lot.

You can also add Sims and modify the Relationship Points for Sims who are not in your Relationships list, as long as they’re moved in in one of the Worlds.

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