The Sims 4

The Sims 4 – 3 Premade Save Games by The Sims Team

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For your convenience we’ve provided 3 unique saved games. Each provides a different look at just a few of the possibilities the game offers and allow you to experience some of the later gameplay you might not encounter in a shorter gameplay session.

Play out the life of the wealthy and influential Rico Bachelor, who happens to know just about everyone in town. You’ll start off at a party in the Rattlesnake Juice Bar, where Rico is having a Suggestive Conversation with Katrina Caliente. Take advantage of Rico’s Flirty emotion, Level 10
Charisma Skill, and Romantic Personality Trait to help him achieve his current Aspiration to initiate 10 Successful Kisses!

Mad Science:
Enter a world of Mad Science with the Malakai brothers. Being twins, these two Rocket Scientists are physically identical – but they couldn’t be much further apart in terms of their personalities. With one aspiring to be a Friend of the World, and the other a Public Enemy, explore how Sims with widely different personality traits and differing long term goals can have significantly different life stories.

Power Couple:
Ever wonder what it’s like to have it all? Jump into the life of the rich and powerful with Ethan and Allyson Poole. Both at the pinnacle of their careers,
they’ve perfected most of their skills, earned rich rewards, and are even working on their next aspiration. See what it’s like to have everything and be good at everything.

Save File Instructions
1. Install The Sims 4.
2. When installation is complete, open the following folder C:…DocumentsElectronic Arts
3. Unpack the zip file called “The Sims 4”.
4. Copy/Paste the unpacked folder, “The Sims 4”, into the current directory.
5. Launch The Sims 4 through Origin

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