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The Sims 4: November Update ”Coming Soon”

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Update #2: SimGuruSarah confirmed that the Pool Update won’t be releasing this Saturday and Sunday (01/11 – 02/11).

We haven’t announced the exact date for Pools yet, but I will confirm it won’t be released on a Saturday or Sunday.

Update: Some of the SimGurus changed their Twitter Profile Pictures to the iconic ”Gnome Hero” yet again. The last time they updated their Profile Picture to this was 1 day before Ghosts update released on 1st of October.


The Sims Polska posted a photo on Facebook with a caption saying (roughly translated):

Is your Sim already ready for a dip in the pool? 🙂

Free update soon for players of The Sims 4!


What’s also interesting is that they also provided a tutorial on how to check if your The Sims 4 Game is up to date. Are Pools coming sooner than we think?

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