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The Sims 4 – Create A Style options are being ”looked into”


In an Ask a SimGuru forum thread on The Sims Official Forums, SimGuruHolms answered various types of questions, including one asking will we ever get more options to change colors or patterns in The Sims 4.

Note: just because this feature is being looked into doesn’t mean we’ll actually get this feature. Time will only tell…

chealsycat:As for the color wheel I’d like to say that no matter how many variants of things we have, there’ll always be something we want to have in absolutely different color. And as it was said by someone before, I may want to change the colors of a pillow and a blanket separately.
I don’t speak about CAP – I know there were some problems with it. I just want to change the patterns we have in game with the color wheel. And until someone proves that it is absolutely impossible, I won’t stop moaning and groaning

SimGuruHolms: We are looking into various CAST options right now and know you guys want them.

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