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SimCity BuildIt: The New Mayor’s Guide!


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Play online and never miss a thing!
SimCity BuildIt is best enjoyed online Your progress will be preserved (even across multiple devices), you will never miss an update with new content or improvements, and you’ll have a chance to jump on all the great deals in neighboring towns! Don’t worry if your connection gets lost–you can keep playing in offline mode. Just remember to reconnect as soon as you can in order to save the progress you made while playing offline.

Learn more about playing offline.

How do I save my game? Can I play across multiple devices?
There are three very good reasons for connecting through Facebook, Game Center, or Google Play in SimCity BuildIt.

First, you’ll keep your progress even if you switch to a new mobile device. Second, you can continue building your city across as many devices as you like using the same account; just make sure you play online regularly to keep them all in sync. Third, you get to visit all your friends’ cities too. What’s not to love?

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Just click on the settings icon on the left of your screen to sign in on one or more account. Learn more about saving your game.

What are Simoleons and how do I get more of them?


Simoleons (§) are everyday currency: They are how your citizens pay their taxes; you receive them as rewards for building and upgrading; they are what you spend and receive in trades and deals. You’ll need Simoleons for things like purchasing different types of buildings or upgrading roads. Simoleons (§) make the SimCity world go round!

Start earning Simoleons by placing residential zones, areas for your citizens to build their homes. As your city expands you’ll have more opportunities to upgrade those homes, collect taxes, complete cargo shipments, make deals, and sell items to other players. Each of these actions will keep the Simoleons rolling in. If things get tight you can also convert your SimCash to Simoleons or purchase Simoleons in the store.

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