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Maxis: ”Unannounced Sims Title” in the works!



Maxis team is recruiting new members on their team and they’ve published an application page on EA Careers site to prove it.

They’re looking for someone who will design and create user-facing content in a brand new Sims title using internal scripting tools.

Although it’s not certain which Title are they exactly working on, we can only guess that it’s a new Expansion or Gameplay Pack for The Sims 4. Rachel Franklin announced about a month and a half ago that they’re exploring new features and expansions for The Sims 4.

We’re also exploring new features and some expansion packs for further down the line, and we’re always listening to your feedback to help us decide what to build.

The Sims Team was very active on the forums these last couple of weeks looking for feedback on what Simmers like, dislike, want and need in this game.

In order to work on this Unannounced Sims Game, you need to meet some requirements and responsibilities:

The Role:

As a Technical Designer, you’ll be working with a large (but tight-knit) team of enthusiastic industry professionals from all walks of life. Your job will be to design and create user-facing content in a brand new Sims title using our internal scripting tools.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Creative Content Design.
  • Design and create compelling and intuitive experiences that unleash player creativity and allow each player to craft a unique game experience.
  • Be resourceful with the tools available to you to implement unique and fun experiences.
  • Actively participate in brainstorm sessions with the design team and document details on the team wiki.
  • Script scalable solutions for content.
  • Create re-usable design patterns for future content creation.
  • Collect and analyze feedback from other designers or producers to identify where gameplay falls short of expectations and iterate on those parts of the design.
  • Collaborate with artists, animators, modelers, engineers, producers, and scripters to find creative and effective solutions to problems.
  • Be proactive.
  • Know the Game and Community. The Sims has a huge community and a long history. Learn and represent their desires and views for past, current, and future projects.

If you’d like to see more details about this job, Click Here!

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