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The Sims 4: This is just the beginning!



Simmers are constantly sharing their feedback on The Sims Forums concerning about the fact that The Sims 4 lacks content that we’ve seen in previous Sims games and expansions. In this case, they’re (including me as well) worried how the game doesn’t have enough family play material and interactions.

Before I share what the official Sims Dev said, let me say that The Sims Team has no intentions to abandon this sequel. We’re getting new updates at least 2 times a month and free, new content monthly. The team is trying hard to collect your feedback and honest opinion about this game to make it better, so if you have anything to share with the community or with developers, post your Feedback HERE!


Hello everyone. I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that we are watching this thread and taking your comments and feedback very seriously. The reason behind not commenting is that we have nothing to say yet. We are working on the game constantly. We are improving and enhancing content every day. And, we do take everyone’s feedback into consideration.

This is the reality of game development. You can’t make everything for everyone. What you can do is have a design vision and then make your decisions based on that vision. The vision for The Sims 4 was to refocus attention on the Sims. What makes them intriguing? How to make them feel more alive? How to bring the inner Sim to the surface? Not all the decisions the studio make will be popular with all the players. That’s a universal truth.

And, as we have said all along is, this is just the beginning. A Sims game is a massive undertaking. The base game is the foundation for everything that follows. Look back at The Sims 3 or The Sims 2 when the base games first launched. Then look at them again after 5 years of added content. They are so different at the end of that journey from when they started.

Please, know this. The team working on The Sims cares deeply about the game they are making and the people who play it. We are not ignoring you.


@SimGuruBChick, I really appreciate your post and I am happy that you’ve responded. However, the Sims team’s vision is not what I envision when imagining more alive, what makes a sim who they are without the family aspect in the game. Sorry, I am not enjoying your vision right now but may revisit buying more for Sims 4 when something change in the family relationships, interactions, and goals. Thank you for reading.


Totally understand. We all have our opinions. And sometimes it’s tough to see what another person (or team) vision is, or how it is realised in a beloved game. I hope that you will revisit The Sims 4 further down the road. The game will continue to evolve over time. And, on a personal note, I didn’t really like The Sims 3 until World Adventures came out. I understood the vision but I didn’t appreciate it or feel that it applied to me. Gaming is such a personal journey and it can be something seemingly insignificant or something really huge that engages you.


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