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The Sims Video Spotlight: #10



Hello again and welcome to another week of The Sims Video Spotlight, featuring awesome video content from our community!

The Sims 4 | House Build: Edge

By The Sim Supply

Our first video today is this small modern house build, one bedroom one bathroom. I really love the idea that everything is on the top floor, it’s definitely a little quirky and a tight space but great!


The Sims 4 | Room By Room: House #1 – Part 1

By Emvy Sims

Next here is a build series in which a different section of a house is built each time. This is another modern feeling home with, in my opinion, a very slight industrial twist while being cozy at the same time.


The Sims 4 | Create a Sim: Autumn

By GamingMermaid

Our Create A Sim video this week is this beautiful lady inspired by Autumn! The custom content unfortunately isn’t listed in the description but GamingMermaid’s CC Finds Tumblr page is, so feel free to go and have a look!


The Sims | Throwback Thursday: PETS!

By XUrbanSimsX

Here is something a little different, I don’t know about you but I loved playing The Sims (1) and this gives me so much nostalgia as well as being really entertaining. It’s one of my favourite things to watch recently!


Let’s Play The Sims 3 | Montoya Family (Part 1)

By Thetideschanging

If Let’s Plays are your thing, here you go! I love all of The Sims’ games but The Sims 3 is my favourite to watch other people play as there is so much to it. This is based around the Island Paradise expansion pack and has an interesting backstory that I really recommend listening to. I included this as it’s different to other Let’s Plays I have seen. There aren’t many people playing single fathers out there!


The Sims 4 | CC Shopping #1

By LifeSimmer

Lastly today is a very relaxed custom content video, in which LifeSimmer scrolls the internet to find content that she likes. It’s a great way to introduce people to things they may not have otherwise found.

That’s all this week, I hope you found something you like, thanks for reading guys and as always go ahead and leave the content creators a like if you enjoy their videos!


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Hey! My name is Kelly, I'm an 18 year old, long-time simmer from England. Feel free to follow me on Twitter to see posts about my CC and other sims related things!

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