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The Sims 4 How to Build: Patio with Greenhouse


Patio with Greenhouse

Gardens are fun! Exterior in general is fun! -But does it annoy you that when you add rooms etc to a patio it disappears from The Gallery picture?
The simple reason is; As soon as you make a room, clearly, it counts as another room and gets separated from the patio. Lame!
And even if you don’t close the room fully in, the picture will look somewhat dreadful because it will take some of the walls down, and that’s just not pretty!

This guide’s main focus is to show you that you can build a patio with a greenhouse/winter garden and upload it without losing any features. Of course you can build a greenhouse out of walls (like you’d normally do), but if you want to upload a patio with a greenhouse to The Gallery, you’ll have to do it this way!

Let’s begin!

Make a foundation the size you want both the patio and the greenhouse to be:

01-22-16_9-18-30 AM

Surround an area in walls, but leave some of it open:

01-22-16_9-19-01 AM

Place windows on each wall:

01-22-16_9-19-45 AM

Go to SURFACES>DISPLAYS and pick a shelf without any corner-pieces (like The Immaculate which I used), then resize it using SHIFT + ] (The keys may vary dependent on where you’re from)

01-22-16_9-21-08 AM

Now delete all the walls:

01-22-16_9-21-56 AM

Add fence and stairs (the stairs won’t show up on The Gallery image):

01-22-16_9-23-12 AM

Fill the greenhouse with flowerpots and decoration, play around with sizes for a fun result:

01-22-16_9-27-16 AM

Pick an island counter you like, and select rounded outer corner and place down four of them so they make a circle:

01-22-16_9-30-38 AM

Go to SURFACES>MISC and pick an umbrella table, and simply place it in the middle of the island:

01-22-16_9-31-03 AM

A fun suggestion is to make a fence in one of the corners, use the grass tiles and make a flowerbed with “natural” flowers and bushes in it on the patio:

01-22-16_9-35-24 AM

Put a barbecue, some comfy chairs, maybe a bar on the patio, and some furniture in the greenhouse and voila, you have a lovely little patio with a greenhouse!

01-22-16_9-42-58 AM

This method also works great for walk-in closets!

01-22-16_10-00-22 AM

If you want some input or help with your creations feel free to share at:

Crude’s Critique & Compliments

Happy building!

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A Sims 4 builder, who's main focus is to upload houses and nightclubs to the gallery for others to enjoy. I love focusing on landscaping and exterior, but also decorating houses in themes. I make room-series and house-series, and when I have the time I make houses on request!

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