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The Sims 4 Dine Out: Dining in a Restaurant


Your dish has been served!

You may notice that not every Sim will react to their served food the same way. You’ll find out what your Sims thought of their food once they finish eating it.

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If your Sim ordered an Experimental Dish, they’ll be able to take a photo of it. The photo Print can then be found in your Sim’s inventory, which you can later post on Simstagram, hang on the wall or sell for 10 Simoleons.

While your Sims drink and eat, the dish from where they finish eating will immediately be picked up for cleaning by a waiter so that it doesn’t clutter on the table.

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With each food bite, Sims will bring out different reactions. You can expect this only if they’re eating Experimental Food.

After your Sims are done eating, they’ll get certain moodlets. If the meal and the nectar match in taste, they’ll get a +3 Happy moodlet! There are so much more moodlets that you can discover by eating different meals, but that’s up to you to discover!

If you want, you can ask a Waiter to send a Compliment / Insult to the Chef. They’ll deliver the customer’s Compliment / Insult right away! Depending on whether it’s a Compliment or an Insult, your feedback will affect the relationship with the Chef.

You can always order another Meal if you want. It’s always nice to finish with a Dessert!

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After you’re done, you can pay the bill by clicking on the table and if not, the Simoleon amount will be automatically deducted from your Household funds once you get home.


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