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The Sims 4 Dine Out: Dining in a Restaurant

One of The Sims 4 Dine Out’s main Feature focus is Dining in a Restaurant. You can send your Sims in this brand new Venue type and have a great time!

To start your Dine Out experience, make sure you have at least one Restaurant Venue in any of your Worlds. Then, send one or more Sims to that Venue.

On the Restaurant Venue, find the Host, click on him/her and select ‘Request Table’. The Host will seat you to a table that’s available.

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NOTE: If all Tables are taken, Sims can wait at the Bar until one of the tables are available.

Once seated, click on the table and select ‘Order for Table’ to order food for your Sims.

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A Menu UI will appear, letting you choose between one Meal and one Drink for your Sim. If there is more than one Sim of yours in the Restaurant, clicking on the item from the Menu will bring up a smaller menu of your Sims, which will help you determine which Sim ordered which food.

Pro Tip: If you don’t like what the Menu has to offer, you can change the Menu and add/remove things off it by going to Build Mode and selecting the Edit Custom Menu option in the Restaurant Configuration Menu.


While you wait for your meal to be served, the Table offers a few interactions (among social interactions with your Sim) that you can perform. You can even draw on the Placemat, no matter of your Sim’s age!

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  • I just hate that sims are not like in sims 2 simply abble to walk of and steal the food kindaby not paying and that the Waiter is huntingthem but ok! In sims 2 it wasnt like her taht ther also neded to make the management systhem! that came with OFB! Otherall i alread love this GP but will give my stars for it late on

  • Thank you for this! I know it’s over two years old, but I’ve just started really experimenting with restaurants in my game. The problem: everyone has a guide on how to build a restaurant, or how to run it, but there are very few guides on how to simply go to a restaurant as a customer and dine! Thank you for this concise and informative guide!

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