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Here’s what the community thinks about Fitness Stuff

The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff could be one of the most controversial Sims 4 Stuff Packs to date, mostly because the main object that comes with it (the climbing wall) is not really that useful…

Although I tried to point out that there are plenty of other new items in Create A Sim and Build Mode, people are still not pleased that The Sims Team picked the climbing wall as the main aspect of this Pack. I have to agree, The Sims Team could’ve gone with something more fitness-y rather than a huge object that we’ll probably use 1-2 times and forget about it later…

I asked some of our followers on Twitter and  members on Sims Community Social about their thoughts on this Stuff Pack. Here’s what they have to say:

Of course, there were some people who still liked the pack:

We opened up a poll on Sims Community Social, asking people to vote whether or not they’ll get the pack. Here’s what they said:

People are just not loving this Stuff Pack thanks to its main gameplay object. Hopefully they learn something from this and choose gameplay features in future Stuff Packs more carefully…

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  • The pack is not worth $10. The one thing I actually liked the rock
    climbing wall is a treadmill, not an actual rock climbing wall.

  • So I brought this pack for the headphones … & im disappointed! Lmao. You’re supposed to be able to multitask with them on…. you can listen to them, and just stand there doing nothing (dancing/bobbing along) but listen to them, but when you try to multitask, ur sim is no longer listening to them (or no longer getting any buffs or Fun boost), but just adding background noise … like.. wtf., I feel robbed and all I wanted was the headphones!!

    • Really? I hope that’s a bug. If not, then that’s just straight up robbery EA. Lol, that’s not how headphones work. Very glad I didn’t cave in to buy this, this isn’t even sale worthy.

    • I ran into something similar but I might know the solution. I had my teen listening to the earbuds, then told him to use the treadmill. He wouldn’t. He just stood there listening to the earbuds. He couldn’t do both at the same time. I cancelled the earbuds action, sent him to the treadmill again, then left him alone for a while to go see what his parents were up to. When I came back to him, he was still running on the treadmill, but he had the earbuds in again. I’m guessing he put them on while I wasn’t paying attention to him. Maybe the Sim needs to already be doing an action in order to use the earbuds at the same time, but that would be silly. The order you give the commands in shouldn’t matter.

      • if you cancel earbuds action, they’ll still wear them, they don’t autonomously listen to the earbuds, so you have to switch them on and off. But i thought that too, …if I just que up the action and then the headphones… but most multitasking in the game don’t really require an order..(..sometimes though… when you want juice with your meal.) && they’ll have them in their ears, playing, and do almost anything, my problem comes with the actual moodlet and fun gain you’re supposed to experience when listening to music. Once you start multitasking with headphones on, your sims no longer get the “Listening to Music” Moodlet (if you just recent listened to music you will still have the buff for 2 hours but its no longer indefinite, like it is, when you’re “Listening to Music”) & your sim’s not having fun anymore. so Idk what the point of having this so Multitask happy if your sims isn’t actually experiencing the headphones while multitasking.. you know what I mean?

  • I don’t like be complainer but Fitness or Eco packs…. who invented it? why you people went so far away from sims3 packs ideas? we need more active careers, celebrities, usable cars, even wash machines… pls do sth about it I feel like not changing my game this year at all cuz you produce things noone cares about, latest stuff packs including also Bowling are…. sad truth to be told, and no new woohoo items? y’all knows we need more so…. I hold hope someone will wake up there

      • I wouldn’t say never, SimGuruGraham did confirm that Cars would never be in a Stuff Pack because if they wanted them in the game they would be functional. But he never said they weren’t going to be added. True while it doesn’t make much sense for cars to be in the game Maxis managed to make it work with The Sims 2 and a lot of people liked them so I feel like there is a chance they might get added into The Sims 4 if the demand in strong enough.

      • To be fair, that’s what people said about pools. Then came the pools. Then people said “well lol maybe pools but not toddlers, just face the fact” and boom, then came the toddlers.
        As SimsLIFE said, while they don’t provide “proper” function as they are now, if the demand is strong enough they actually might do it. That is of course, unless they have plans for them already.

        • No, what people speaks is about many missing features from the base game. And about cars, i really doubt it if they’re gonna be functional at all. The way Sims 4 handle road is that they’re non existent. Maybe as a decoration but if cars ever came back then the devs really going to overhaul the routing system. And no i’m not blaming the closed world Sims 4 has, the Sims 2 is a closed world but it is pretty easy to route cars since the road are just a straight path. Wanna see some technical difficulty i’m talking about? Look up Midnight Hollow road.

    • Eco Living was chosen by the community. That entire pack is being put together by the community via polls, so people do want Eco Living, including me.

  • Lol, this is why I don’t understand why everyone was so hyped for something so small as a Stuff Pack. The announcement that it would be playable at EA Play, SimGuruGraham talking about the ‘brand new gameplay’, a whole Q&A about it? I really don’t get the big deal that was made out of this. Yes it gave us a climbing wall and earphones, but you can put speakers pretty much anywhere in the game and I’m assuming the climbing wall is just something that increases fitness/motor skill? Something which there are loads of other ways to do so. There wasn’t a new skill added or another fitness aspiration, just a few new hairstyles (two of which are pretty much the same and only one was added for males) and some clothes which are almost all for the athletic category. Stuff Packs are Stuff Packs. They’ll have a few highlights to them which most people will probably only use once, and then after that you’ll most likely only use the CAS items, unless it’s something that actually relates to your play style/your sim’s way of life.

  • It’s not so much the choice of items, as much as they are just sloppily done and are basically useless. New items have to actually be well done, or they could have just given us a couple of more deco objects instead.

  • If I should rate this stuff pack, i’ll give it a fair 6,5/10. The modern build mode is not what i prefer but that’s a personnal taste and i’m sure a lot of people will be happy with that. What i don’t like about this pack is why give us the same equipements (apart from the climbing wall) but with new design ? we already have 3 or 4 and for me it’s just a waste. they should have skipped this part and do a new thing ; like someone said earlier apartment bike. i think this stuff pack could have been greater if they’ll include what’s the most important with sport : TEAM. climbing a wall is a solo experience and for me sport is about being together. why they didn’t include something like tennis or baseball (which could have been a great things to go with the vintage stuff pack and the bowling one). for me they just went in a wrong direction but that doesn’t mean i don’t like what we actually have. it’s just not what i was expecting. plus, i bought the pack because i thought kids could use the climbinb wall too. and i don’t think so… also, they didn’t give us any sport clutters and it’s such a bummer. they tried to do something unusual with the climbing wall, but… it wasn’t the right time for this kind of special item. it should have been include in a sport game pack or do a more engaging gameplay with the wall. i don’t know. it’s still fresh and i haven’t play with it a lot so… i need time. 🙂

  • In all honesty, the furniture is nothing special. It looks pretty much the same as all the other ultra-modern furniture we already had, none of it stands out at all. The CAS items are nice, particularly the new hair, which I’m sure I will use a lot. The clothes are nice, too, but I’m not sure how much I’ll use them on Sims that aren’t fitness freaks. I must say I’m a little sad no one seems to care for the rock wall. I really like it. It’s a nice addition to my gyms and watching Sims try to climb it is way more entertaining than watching them punch a glorified bean bag or run on a treadmill. It spits FIRE! That could kill Sims! Come on! That’s so cool! Lol, it’s just so extreme, I love it. I enjoy having my Sims work out to the TV as well, the movements are fun and wow, do they ever jump high! I’m pretty lukewarm about the earbuds. They’re fine, I suppose, but I feel like I’m going to forget they’re in my Sim’s inventory and they’ll just end up popping them in themselves whenever they feel like it. I also think they’re a bit glitched. My teen wouldn’t use the treadmill because he had the earbuds in, but then I cancelled the earbud action, sent him to the treadmill and when I checked on him again, he had the earbuds in while he was running. I guess he put them on himself while I wasn’t looking so maybe you need to have them already doing something and then instruct them to listen to the earbuds, which is silly. The order shouldn’t matter.

  • Extremely disappointed at this pack, you’ve done great things with Parenthood and you should keep making stuff that is that great! Also you took over a year and a half to come up with toddlers and now, after two whole years, we still don’t have seasons, pets nor university!!!

    P.S. – Combining Seasons and Pets would be amazing and make sense because you’d have to create interactions and moodlets given by the weather to the animals as well (which should not just be the usual cats and dogs) and, for example, strays should be more resistant to bad weather conditions and other illnesses than pure-breeds because that the realistic scenario.

  • I did my overview of this pack on my YT channel. Overall it’s an okay pack but it’s not something you would rush to buy on release day. In terms of CAS, I am a fan of the new clothing and the new hairstyles. Also I love the addition of earbuds. Gameplay wise, it’s very meh. I think because it lacked so much in the actual fitness items. It kind of reminds me of Cool Kitchen where there was less focus on the kitchen and more focus on the CAS. But even then, the ice cream machine was decent gameplay. The Build and Buy are okay but I could see where it would’ve been better for Spa Day. In fact, I have this feeling as though whatever wasn’t put in SD was put in this pack.

  • This stuff pack was actually a first for me. I usually buy a new pack at launch. The only time I ever don’t, is when I’ve already decided that I don’t want to buy it at all. But with this pack? I’ll probably get it eventually. But launch day came and went, and I just never got around to actually purchasing the pack. I just don’t see the point. And I was one of the supporters for it, back when the pack was nothing but a 9-second clip during the teaser trailer. But none of the CAS items jump out at me as anything special, the build items are just more of the ultra-modern objects that this game loves, and the headphones are useless if the comment section is to be believed. (And I absolutely hate how a game that prides itself in the ability to multitask doesn’t allow sims to listen to music while they do anything, like, come on! As much as this game loves making everything about emotions, and they don’t touch the possibilities of a basic thing that is everywhere and yet has the ability to completely control human emotion at a primal level. We should have dance stations that make us energized, NPR-types that make us focused, comedy talk shows that make us playful, classical stations that make us inspired, etc.) They had the chance to include any gym equipment possible — we could have had the first ever sims elliptical machine, or a stationary bike, or a stair climber, or a weight bench, or a different kind of strength machine instead of cardio like a leg press — but instead they went with something that probably a fraction of gyms in the country have and a lot of people (including myself) probably didn’t even know existed before we had it in the Sims, and proceeded to make it as large and impractical as possible. The pack’s only redeeming feature is the workout tapes, which I actually really miss from Sims 3.