The Sims 1 for Mobile Phones is in development by fans

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Genius masterminds behind FreeSO (a fanmade version of The Sims Online) who managed to wake up The Sims Online from the dead and make it accessible to hundreds of Simmers out there are now working on a new project.

People from FreeSO have confirmed that they are currently working on a mobile version of both The Sims 1 (which is going to be open source) and FreeSO. Here’s what they said in their latest blog post:

Since The Sims Online is actually built on the engine of The Sims 1, it’s not too much of a leap to adapt our engine to support and use objects and resources from the original game. After quite a bit of work, we are now running nearly all lots in a default TS1 neighbourhood (including downtown, studio etc), without much issue. You can imagine a few benefits to playing TS1 in the FSO engine, such as the lighting, high framerate support, 5 floors and powerful modding tools… but the true final objective is to get The Sims 1 running on mobile devices with an entirely custom UI.

While this is mainly a project in its own right, the development of this engine is gradually improving the state of our TSO engine. I’ve tracked down multiple very specific bugs which were completely untracable within TSO’s objects, notably the “running man” interaction bug and obscure behaviour with animation events. It was the development of this project that lead to the addition of terrain tools across both projects.

Finally, here is a mockup of the mobile friendly UI that will be used in the TS1 frontend. Note that these are just a few shots out of a large collection of menu mockups, but you should be able to note that we’re keeping it simple.


So, not only will you be able to play the old classic on your mobile phone but you’ll also get to connect with Simmers worldwide right at your fingerprints!

You can also expect a brand new update for FreeSO in the near future which lets you customize terrain just like you could in The Sims 1!

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