A Youtuber tried to live like a Sim for a day!

YouTuber emmablackery tried to live like an actual Sim for a day!

She made a list and added timing of all the things her Sim did for 24 hours in The Sims 4 and then tried to apply all of that to her everyday life. Check out the hilarious outcome!

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  • Living like a Sim for 24 hours! That was fantastic!! She was so funny. The guitar playing for 8 hours? No way! Too funny

  • Been watching other videos of this and it seems REALLY unhealthy not to pee or eat. Not using the bathroom can actually kill you and if you don’t eat, you can black out. The rules need to be revised to be safer. It’s a fun idea in theory, but not worth messing up your kidneys or putting you in the hospital.

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