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The Sims 4: Grant Rodiek talks about plans for Future Content

Grant Rodiek, one of the producers on The Sims 4 has spoken to PC Games Insider about the past, present and the future of The Sims 4. He revealed that The Sims Team has some interesting things in store for us, that they’re planning on creating more fun and crazy content and that some of the content will be revisiting stuff from previous Sims games but with a fun twist. Check out what he said:

So, The Sims 4 launched back in 2014. How have the last three years been for the game?

It’s been very successful actually. We started a smidge rough and since then we have done so much. One of our big focuses was releasing tonnes of free content for our players. So pools, toddlers, the ability to have genderless outfits…. we gave all that away. We have our expansions packs, game packs, we’ve done everything from vampires to spa days to camping trips to work. We’re at the point now where it’s fun, where we have all the scary features out of the way, all the big requests out of the way, finally released toddlers for our fans and so now we can sort of focus on making fun stuff. It’s not that it’s easier – it’s more ‘wouldn’t it be cool if?’ content. It frees us a bit.

Now that the Pets expansion is out, what’s the plan moving forwards?

Historically, after pets people are like: ‘Okay, we did the big pack, now we’re going to think about something else. I want players to still be around because we are still making killer content. We’re not going away. Pets is the biggest one but we’re not going to dial it back. Some of the stuff we are thinking about is pretty ambitious, it’s also fresh twists on old things and so I am hoping that people see Pets as the start of the second wave, not the end of the cycle. I want to do more content, keep upping the bar, more free content. Those are things that are super important to us and we have been talking about stuff for next year for ages already because we want it to be super good. There’s crazy long cycles. Next year I want people to be like: ‘Wow, I can’t believe you’re doing all this stuff’. Next year we’ll be four years old and still here.

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  • I’m glad to hear that they’re moving their focus from the ‘basics’ to more ‘extra’ content for patch content. We’ve already seen some of this attitude with the Seasonal events (especially since Day of the Dead event) and some smaller features like the addition of cameras, phone cases (which came out a year later than intended for some reason), or the roof update.

    I will still hold my hopes for Weather to come in a patch until they announce Seasons, even if I know it’s virtually impossible.

    • I understand why they do it but yea i agree. Its getting really annoying now having to wait a whole year for an ep. I guess we do get 2 GPs a year so if you put those together they kind of make an ep.

    • If you read the entire Interview he Said that we had one expansion pack ler year in Sims 3. This is a lie, se had at least 2 expansion packs! More usable content than only 1 pack per year. The entire Interview sound really fake…

  • So he said that there was only one expansion pack a year for Sims 3? Um, pretty sure they averaged 2-3 expansion packs in a year…

    • Well Grant was working at EA Redwood EP Tean at that Time, So The Only EP they developed are World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Pets, Seasons and Island Paradise. So by that means they only create 1 expansion per year with the exception of its first year, 2010. Itis the Same as Sims 4, where they only managed ti create two expansions in it first year, 2015. The Rest of the Expansions was created by EA Salt Lake Studio

  • There are tons still to add!! Seasons, University, Magic! What do you mean the big things are done now pfff lol. No they aren’t! I’d like to see cars added too. I don’t care if they just drive my sim off the screen, it’s nice to see them parked in driveways and seeing my sims get in them. Well Grant we are still plenty waiting for more content. I don’t think tons of people are going to bounce just because Pets has finally been released. It’s not a finisher for many people. Can’t wait for next year! ♥

  • I think you could try to make worlds or content that fits specific themes. For example, people who are into the Antebellum clothing and mansions with pillars, etc would really love to see a world with dirt/cobblestone paths, horse and carriages, hoop skirts, everything except the servitude of humans. You know?
    Or how about Victorian London or Egypt in the era of Cleopatra? The imaginations of your team could certainly tackle any or all of these suggestions and many more! Get to it guys! Impress the heck out of us and we’ll never stop buying or playing. Constantly improving the realism of the game should also be a top priority. It seems Sims 3 cc creators have an easier time conjuring realistic celebrities, etc than what seems possible to accomplish with Sims 4. Why should that be the case?