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The Sims Mobile: ASOS Fashion Show Event Walkthrough

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A new event for The Sims Mobile is here! Outfit your Sims in the coolest ASOS fashions by completing quests and events to earn ASOS tokens, then exchange them for exclusive, limited-time ASOS clothing pieces. Can you complete the entire fashion collection?

The Sims Mobile: ASOS Fashion Show Event Walkthrough

After updating your game, check out your quests. There will be a gold, limited-time event quest called Catwalk This Way, which has 11 parts. To kick off the event, complete this quest by going to the Market Square to promote the upcoming ASOS fashion show that will be taking place soon.

Whoah! The Market Square looks different. A fashion show has taken over the area, but it looks like they’re not set up, yet. Everything is covered in sheets. Tap the pink ASOS icon in this area to begin the promotional event for the fashion show. Just like any other event, you can complete this event by performing various actions, or you can let your Sim do the event on their own and come back later to collect your rewards.

The Sims Mobile: ASOS Fashion Show Event Walkthrough

Cool, you got some ASOS tokens from promoting the fashion show and completing the first part of the event quest. What do you do with those tokens? Spend them on hot new fashions, of course! Tap the ASOS icon in the top-right corner of your screen at any time during this event to be taken to the ASOS event page. On this page, you’ll be able to exchange your ASOS tokens for new clothing pieces under the Rewards tab. Under the Activities tab, you can see all the activities your Sims can participate in to earn ASOS tokens during the event.

If you’re not really the fashion-forward sort, you’ll be happy to know that the new event isn’t just about clothes! Progressing in the event unlocks brand new career stories and will even allow you to unlock the new Photography career early! You’ll have to dive into everything the ASOS Fashion Show offers to discover these exciting new gameplay rewards, however, so get questing and strut your stuff on the catwalk!

The Sims Mobile: ASOS Fashion Show Event Walkthrough

If you’ve run out of limited-time quests and aren’t sure what to do, check the Activities tab on the event screen. Remember, you can get there at any time during the event by tapping the ASOS icon in the top-right corner of your screen. The Activities tab will show you all the events you can participate in to earn more ASOS tokens.

How are you enjoying the ASOS Fashion Show? Are you more excited for the clothes or new career gameplay? Let us know in the comments!

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