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The Sims Mobile: New Update + Patch Notes! (May 2nd, 2018)


The Sims Mobile Team has released a brand new update for the game, adding new quests and furniture to The Sims Mobile.

Version 10.1.0

Hey Simmers,

We heard you enjoyed the Patch Notes for Version 10.0, so we have a new set of notes for you hot off the press! Please continue to provide feedback so we can focus on the most valuable items to highlight. Below is a breakdown of several fun updates happening in Version 10.1.0, now available for download!

Note: If you are not seeing the Update in the iOS App Store, please try going to your Updates tab and pull to refresh the page.

New Wedding Quest
Getting engaged is a huge milestone and planning for the big day is an exciting journey unto itself! Now in the The Sims Mobile you can participate in the Wedding Quest once your Sims become engaged. By completing these important quests on time, you can earn rewards and a new Honeymoon Suite collection set!

New Quests for Player Levels 20-25
We’ve continued to add more goals for you to complete as you progress further in the game. Check your Quest Screen for more details once you reach Player Level 20.

New Furniture Content
Cozy up with a fireplace as part of the new the Baroque Living Room collection set. Additional fireplaces are also available as part of this update.

Other Improvements

  • Sims will now be more animated and lively when doing Yoga events
  • Promoting a Sim will now provide 30 energy instead of 15 energy
  • Optimizations around game performance on the home lot

Key Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where certain tutorial and player Sims would not leave your house
  • Fixed an issue where Elder Sims were stuck as a playable Sim
  • Fixed an issue where Venues were becoming locked at incorrect times

Thanks for reading, and all your continued support of The Sims Mobile!


The Sims Mobile: New Update + Patch Notes! (May 2nd, 2018)

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