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The Sims 4 Get Famous: The Lifestyle Brand Perk Feature is broken

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I’ve seen plenty of messages and reports saying that simmers about a particular big feature that came with The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack isn’t working… at all.

In case you guys are not aware, one of the Celebrity Level 5 perks is the ability to run your own Lifestyle Brand which lets you sell merch, accessories and other themed objects that you can select from the menu. You also have an option to give your Brand a name and an audience which you’ll be selling your Brand to.

After purchasing the top tier Lifestyle Brand Perk you have the ability to start off your brand using the computer for 300 Simoleons.

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After spending your Simoleons you’ll be greeted with a special User Interface where you can fully customize your brand which will later bring you big bucks to your funds.

Screenshot 13

However, after doing all that and confirming that you are ready to launch your brand the game will completely ignore everything you’ve done. I’ve tried launching my brand several times but with no luck. I’ve also asked around on social media and it’s apparent that this is an issue with the game that almost everyone is experiencing.

Hopefully The Sims Team will come up with a hot fix to this solution in an upcoming update considering there are also some crucial bugs to be fixed in the game…

You can expect a full walkthrough article of this feature on our website as soon as there’s a fix to this issue.

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