The Sims 4

Ladders are coming to The Sims 4 Base Game!

The Sims Team has put a very significant detail in their The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack reveal trailer – LADDERS!

Yes, we’re finally getting ladders in The Sims 4. You’ll be able to use them both outdoors and indoors. Best thing about them? They’re coming in a FREE content update for The Sims 4 in a new update prior to the release of Eco Lifestyle.

SimGuruGeorge confirmed that there are going to be ladders added to the Base Game with an additional variant being included with Eco Lifestyle.

You can check out a small preview of ladders in the screenshot below:

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    • If they are smart the won’t let us vote for the next game or expansion pack. Both stuff packs have caused a lot of drama and they are small, we don’t need that on a larger level.

      • THAT would cause even more outrage. They’ve already opened the gates to voting; if they’re smart they’ll keep the voting to small scale stuff packs. I’ve honestly not seen that much drama over the recent stuff packs (besides my first pet), and even then you cant please everyone so drama will happen regardless if you keep voting up or not. It’s better to keep audience engagement and I genuinely think that’s one of the only things keeping people playing this game.

        • The voting system is only there for formalities we all know in the end EA will just do the bare minimum amount of work needed to justify a pack no matter which one

  • Thank you! The ladders are the ONLY thing I’m excited about. I saw nothing in this pack that makes me want to spend $40 (US) for it besides ladders. I mean, the candle making station is nice for people on console, but thanks to icemunmun, I’ve already got one in my game. I saw a LOT of rehashed ideas, animations, and recycled objects in the trailer. The Sims community has pleaded with EA for horses and farming. I am utterly underwhelmed by their response. *sigh*

  • LMAO this gonna make more reasons for people not to buy this pack since we gonna get ladders for free anyway lol

  • I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about ladders! I can use them in so many builds.

  • What is the point in an eco-friendly pack (which is repetitive content that is not actually new) when there are no cars, no trails, no airplanes, no operable workable factories like coal plants, etc? Is Bob pancakes’ farts creating the carbon footprint? This is another EMPTY pack with no connection the actual gameplay as a way of enhancement. The whole point of eco friendly is to deal with things that cause pollution is it not? WHERE are the actual game-changing exciting contents creating the pollution? What better way to incorporate BOTH exciting and educational eco-friendly messages by having CONTENT in the game that JUSTIFIES THE USAGE OF THIS REPETITIVE PACK.

    There is no point in this pack if there is nothing GAME-CHANGING actually producing the carbon footprint IN A WAY that ENHANCES sim’s daily lives again, cars trains, airplanes, NON RABBIT HOLE workable factories, etc.

  • Finally !! I’m really pleased that ladders aren’t exclusive to this EP. I already have so many builds I need them for…tiny houses…cabins…a life-size replica of that one playground that looks like a pirate ship…