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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: Welcome to Evergreen Harbor


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Welcome to Evergreen Harbor

“Sandwiched between rolling hills of Evergreen Forest on one side and the waters of the Willupette Sound on the other, Evergreen Harbor used to be the industrial hub of the region. However, as the world changed around it, the region has struggled to keep up. A place where Sims value their community and neighbourly love isn’t just a pastime, Evergreen Harbor now stands on the precipice of making its own future. The only question is: what kind of future will it be?”

Grims Quarry

“When prospector Arnold Grims founded his famous rock quarry in Evergreen Harbor, he could hardly have predicted the little suburb that would spring up around it decades later. Today, a cozy set of homes, apartments, and spaces for community use sits in the shadow of the walls of striking white stone.”

Grims Quarry starts with a Positive Eco Footprint

Miner Mansion – 30×20

This lot is home to the Harris Family when you first arrive in Evergreen Harbor.

Rockridge Springs – 30×20/$17,433

This lot is unoccupied when you first move to Evergreen Harbor.

Stonestreet Apartments

Stonestreet Apartments #3 & #4 have a deposit of $750 and a weekly rent of $750.

The Quarry Building – Community Space 40×30

The Quarry Building is the first of three community spaces that can be found in Evergreen Harbor.

Port Promise

“What was once a bustling trade port now holds a number of homes and businesses that pay homage to their industrial roots and aim to, as the local expression goes, “Keep Evergreen Kooky!” While the actual port may no longer be running, the promise of something better remains.”

Port Promise starts with a Negative Eco Footprint

The Old Mill – 30×20

This lot is home to the Stirling Rico Household.

The Shipping Views – 30×20/$18,138

This lot is unoccupied when you first move to Evergreen Harbor

The Portsmouth Promenade – 30×20

This lot is home to the Greenburg Household.

The Caboose – Bar

Because no world in The Sims 4 is complete without a Bar lot.

The Waterfront – Community Space

The Waterfront is the second of three Community Space Lots in Evergreen Harbor.

Conifer Station

“What happens when the trains stop running? Downtown Evergreen, affectionately known to locals as Conifer Station, may be a bit quieter nowadays, but residents will tell you that the defunct train station and unsightly storage tanks hide a hard-working community eager to improve their little corner of the world.”

Conifer Station starts with a Neutral Eco Footprint.

Pinecrest Apartments

Pinecrest Apartment #404 – Deposit $4,800. Weekly Rent $1,200.
Pinecrest Apartment #402 – Deposit $1,000. Weekly Rent $600.

Canal Corner – 20×15/$18,358

This lot is unoccupied when you first move to Evergreen Harbor

Pigulock Manor – 30×20

This lot is home to the Tinker household.

Sprucewood Square – Community Space

Sprucewood Square is the third and final Community Space in Evergreen Harbor.

There is plenty to see and do in Evergreen Harbor. Whether it is encouraging other Sims to vote on a Neighbourhood Action Plan or getting crafty and creative down at one of the Community Spaces there is always something to do to help with Evergreen Harbor’s Eco Footprint.

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