The Sims 4

The Sims 4 PC & Console: New Update + Patch Notes (June 10th 2020)

The Sims Team has released a brand new update for The Sims 4 on PC, Mac and Console!

To download the latest version of The Sims 4, simply open your Origin program and if the game doesn’t update automatically, right-click on The Sims 4 and select ”Update.” For console players, your game should update automatically however if it doesn’t simply go into the game options and you will be able to update from there.

For PC and Mac users – In case you have Mods or Custom Content, the game will automatically disable them for you after first launching The Sims 4 after the update. To re-enable all your Mods and Custom Content, select the Settings option in the menu and select Settings. Under the” Other” section you’ll find the ”Enable Custom Content and Mods” option. Check it and restart your game in order for it to take effect!


Update 6/10/2020

PC: / Mac:

Console: Version 1.27

Thank you for your reports and assistance in tracking down these issues.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading some households.
  • Fixed Error Code 134:368f1773:b4bcf72 preventing some saves from loading.
  • Fixed Error Code 109:e56fc6bb:dc1a1b58 preventing some households from loading for Simmers who do not have Get Famous installed.
  • Changed one of the patterns of a women’s sweater in Eco Lifestyle (yfTop_EP09SweaterCropPrint_Brand).
  • Edited the description of the Footloose Beverage Bodega in all languages.
  • Restored the missing texture of wall hanging decoration Roman Temple Architectural Study.

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  • Anyone else having an issue with the trash cans? I can’t sort out recycling or compostables from my home trash bin or the dumpsters.

    • Yes I have the trash can that gives you money when you put trash in it and for the last week or so it hasn’t been giving money when i put trash in it.

    • I’m having an issue since the release of Eco Lifestyle that my kids won’t go to school and adults won’t go to work. The ‘Go to school/work’ button doesn’t do anything and now my sims performance is affected. Help!!

      • Yes, I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried everything, removing mods, repairing, even going back to an old save. Nothing works. EA HELP!!

        • im having same issue. both console and game are up to date but i cant load my household i get an error code with bed in it and i cant make a new family because of same bug :( its all broken..


  • Current problems post-update on Ps4:
    Still peeing fire&smoke
    Pets still going “null” on my property
    Sims are going to school and work on preset holidays that they usually have off (happened with harvestfest)
    Apartment neighbors coming into my house and using my trashcan

  • Please get rid of the sharing is caring thing, it’s awful and making me want to uninstall eco friendly. I know I can petition but I just wish it didn’t exist. I hate people constantly stealing all of my stuff.

      • how?? please link the cheat. I’ve tried everything.
        My sim owns a store not in their neighborhood so the cheat to auto repeal action plans wont work because “its out of neighborhood”

  • My game keeps crashing whenever i download something from gallery on ps4 after the last update, i used to get crash before but not like this every almost 2 mins lol.

  • I used to have the Sims download on my pc…it has now disappeared…tried to retrieve it but can’t even get into origin….useless…

  • I still can’t load my previous saves, I took out all my mods and cc, repaired the game bout a dozen times but nothing. I would really hate to start my families over

  • My adult sims can’t teach toddlers any skills ever since 3 updates ago. They can bring them to the potty, but then they don’t teach them. Still not fixed.

  • Ever since the newest update the beautifully decorated moodlet doesn’t happen anymore I have tons on 10 environment objects and it’s either decorated or nicely decorated. I should be getting beautifully decorated but no

  • My game is still crashing before I can even play. It’ll show the sims 4 logo and then crash before I get to the home page.

  • Since the update my sim isn’t going to work! I’ve moved countless time’s, changed her wardrobe including her work outfit and still nothing.

  • The Sharing is Caring NAP would of been better if the random Sims ask: “Hey, you don’t need this anymore, right?” then you could select a Yes/No option before they “Borrow” your stuff. Or even better just disable the whole NAP option completely.

  • The gameplay is a mess. Autonomously baking cakes and playing with clay has been turned up to max, I hope they release a patch to turn down the amount of cakes and clay they make.

  • No puedo jugar desde la actualización con ningún barrio ni unidad doméstica, es imposible ponerse en contacto con ea y nadie sabe decirme como solucionarlo. Hay mas jugadores con este problema. Alguien sabe como podemos arreglarlo?

  • My game keeps crashing whenever i try to download something from the gallery after the last update, please fix it!!!

  • Anyone have a blue colour instead of the background trees etc on lots sometimes? It’s mostly when in a pent house instead of the views?

  • My sims won’t clean their dishes (ie in sink or dishwasher). Also, they can’t bring their Laundry down the ladder.

  • My game is extremely broken after the last update. I can’t get into create a sim when I start a new game. It freezes and all I can do is exit. Base game worlds have completely disappeared. The bubble for Willow Creek and Oasis Spring are gone. I can’t load any families. When I click play I go in and all my sims aren’t there, just their plumbobs and they don’t load in CAS. none of this happened until the last update. :(

  • My game is still crashing!! This is so frustrating :( (ps4) is anyone else having this problem still?

    • Yes I am! I am playing on ps4 and it lags so bad sometimes to the point where it is unplayable, then My sim keeps reacting to disgust to EVERYONE which cancels her doing the things I asked, it’s so annoying!! Also she will go off do something but it doesn’t come up in the bubble so I can’t stop her or make her come back, I download a load of the packs on sale too, sort of wish I hadn’t, as I spent all that money and now can’t play it properly, I don’t have any issues with any other game so it’s definitely the sims game itself and not my ps4, and I have found lots of issues in forums which back date like 3 years ago! This game needs sorting out badly! Oh and I have no cheats on either. I have re built my ps4, cleared the catche, deleted and re installed the game and none of that helps

  • My game won’t load since the update. It just stops responding :( Last origin update I lost ALL of my families, my builds, EVERYTHING…over 4,500 hours and had to start completely over again. I’m getting really sick of all the problems!

  • When I travel or use build and buy mode I go back to game and have no control options and basically cant do aynthing

  • Is anyone having issues with the mod? Even after restarting and putting it in the right mods folder, it still doesn’t show up.

  • Game keeps crashing, most often when I try to save. It just freezes for a second and then the game disappears like I’ve exited. Can’t play at all!

  • I use PS4 and after updating my game, in my editing mode of my sim, I use to be able to turn them around when editing them and now I can’t. Can someone help me?

  • I’m having issues with trash cans as well as I’m not getting any money which ain’t helping as doing 100 baby challenge also I’ve also have another problem since the update which my matriarch keeps getting stuck I can’t get her to do anything which ain’t helping as she is slowly starving to death. Any tips? ( I play on ps4)