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The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff: Official Trailer

The Sims Team has released the official trailer for The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack – coming out on July 28th for PC and Consoles! Check it out.

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  • they seem to have ditched the knitting table station altogether… that’s really disappointing. what happened to the baby clothes btw?

    • @jaks, I still think they will have it. As long as it is one of the items that we voted on, it will be in the pack.
      But even if for some reason it isn’t, as someone who knits and crochets and is part of a group, I don’t know of anyone who crochets or knits at a crafting table. I’m sure a few people do, but it certainly isn’t the norm! Most people curl up on the couch, bed, recliner, rocking chair, or some other comfy chair. A table isn’t needed unless it is for blocking or maybe for piecing together very large projects with a bunch of little swatches where you have to plan out which piece goes where. But usually most people will use the kitchen table for that. Crafting tables are more for people who sew with a sewing machine, or for people who do crafts like scrapbooks or mosaic art, etc.

      I’m pretty sure the baby onesies are going to be included since it is something that will change that aspect of the game a little bit, and won’t be too difficult to add to the game. Plus, many knitters and crocheters love to make baby clothes. Some people *only* make baby clothes!

    • They probably just left it out of the video.. Its just a preview of the pack.. Can’t believe they used same sim character voice as REALM of Magic.. A sloppy rush job of Advertising.. EA automatically assume people are going to jump at it as it was community voted & public players does the Advertising for them over a multiple social media platforms..