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Player Creates Spiral Stairs using nothing but Platforms in The Sims 4

Simmers have been up to all kinds of crazy things using the new Platform Tool in The Sims 4! From Bunk Beds to Indoor Cinemas there’s a lot of possibilities that sparked the community to explore.

Player @ellabellab0 has tweeted out an astonishing discovery – Spiral Stairs that have been built using exclusively through the new Platforms!

I wanted to test these out for myself in the game so I downloaded the Spiral Staircase Lot that they’ve uploaded from The Gallery. You can find it yourself under thet Ellabellab0 Origin ID! P.S. – there’s also a Room with nothing but Spiral Stairs uploaded too!

I’ve placed down the stairs in the middle of the lot to playtest and see if they’re fully functional. These stairs have been built using a square tile wall that has triangular platforms stacked one on top of another until the final platform level. I’ve playtested to see if my Sims would actually be able to use these Spiral Stairs and they’re definitely able to reach the top!

Going down these “Spiral Stairs” also isn’t an issue. I’ve also tried to connect a whole different room / new floor level with the last step of stairs that have been placed down on top of the last platform and Sims are able to access that area without any issues.

However, I did notice a small issue. When going up the Stairs Sims would get a little confused? when reaching the final angle of these Spiral Stairs, causing them to stop for a few seconds until they continue and reach their final destination on the top.

I was able to easily solve this issue by just extending the corner for one tile so that Sims would have enough space to reach their final point without freezing.

You’ll be able to place these Spiral Stairs down anyhwere inside (or outside) your lot!

Huge thanks to Ellabellab0 once again for this amazing discovery.

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